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Oh hey there...[edit]

Welcome to my horrible user-page o(^▽^)o

currently im trying to take on the [Project Archive], in hopes that im doing something actually useful on the wiki :)

Update: At long last, i hath returned to the wiki. I know that no one will really see or care about this but I still wish to inform the wiki that after months of neglecting my non existent duties, i am back, and i hopefulyl will remain active. - 3/1/24

Kirby games I've played[edit]

WIll be making table of it sometime Next week :)

Edit Achievements![edit]

☆ 69 edits reached on 5:00 pm EST on 8/19/2023. 
   made a way back machine snapshot for a dedede play nintendo link on the kind dedede article

Some other stuff Idk what to put under[edit]

I like other nintendo things besides kirby, i really like Mario, Pikmin, Pokemon, and some others. 

I swear that i like some other stuff too, like history (Particullry Carthage, Rome, Japan, China, etc)

I also am learning to code, ive programmed a few things i find pretty cool 

I like playng guitar and my true musical love, the Bass guitar.

Ummm... i dont know what else to put here :)