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KSA Hyness veiled artwork.jpg

KSA Hyness unveiled artwork.jpg

Haynes art is used by Kirby's star partners.
First appearance Kirby Star Alliance (2018)
Latest appearance Super Kirby Crash (2019)
Similar Majulura
Cheif Haltman
Theme music

Download this Heinz theme to fight on different levels.

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You see ... don't you? Anyone who interferes in our salvation should walk ... ask quietly ... FOREVER!
— Hayes, Hoa o Kirby Starr

Hynes Kirby is the evil director of Allies Stars and the star of Legend style. He was a foolish priest who worshiped Zero Termina and prayed near the palace of Gambadra, where the ancient dark gods hid. Heinz was known as a beautiful witch who wore a white robe, long sleeves, and a veil in front of him, and his eyes were black. Although his body and deeds show that he has two legs, he cannot see or see anything under the cloth. Heinz performed a number of experiments on the most famous of the three magicians, Francisco, Flemberg and Jean Partizani. When he brought the book, he had blue eyes, blue ears, and red eyes. The final choice - part of a special Military Soul EXVS page featuring Francis, Flemberger and Jane Partisan, who live in Haynes. He grew exponentially from a crazy teacher looking for guidance.

Hynes is the voice of boxer and singer Shigeru Chiba.


In an interview with Jyoti Kumazaki in June 2018, Nintendo Dream reported that Hins was furious but that Maggie's three sisters had escaped. They have great prestige, but they have it. . More conflicts. Another comment from Heinas Corruption Plus Kirby Star 14th grade Alice Channel Heins says he left his mind in the dark, calm and frustrated. And so it happened

Lying is defined as complete chest and asthma. He is like a religious leader or a teacher. Kirby and friends meet him. The first time we talked quietly about the supernatural. But then the anger began. He looked down and began to study his words. The headlines of the war seemed to convey fear and madness.

The nature of the game[edit]

Kirby Star Alliance[edit]

Communication Mode[edit]

Heinz started with the Kirby Star Alliances and started the Zamba Farm Protection event with a spear cover. Spears will be good, but hearts will scatter and parts of the galaxy will spread. Even though Kirby doesn’t pay attention, she has a heart attack, so Hinge sends Maggie’s nurse to work in Jambachandra. When Kirby and his friends arrive at the Holy Place, Hing realizes that he is guarding his heart when the last party returns. Jan Gorilla tries not to disturb his friends, but falls on the altar. After a long and stupid break up with Kirby, Hing and his friends continue to fight. Shortly after the fight, his shirt was torn and his original appearance resembled that of Onnan.

Kirby manages to defeat Haynes and forces him to do whatever it takes to end Jimbo's heart. To cover up the loss, our magician killed him with a heart attack and surrendered. When it does, the void ends and Kirby wins the Star Union Sparkler. In the battle with the false term Kirby and his allies pursued a great lion. There they saw Hughes and his sister threatening the pig. In the midst of the tyranny, Kirby, his companions, and the four saints were removed from the body of the black king. So our Haynes and our magicians will never see each other again until the story is over.


Understandably, Haynes has a lot to say and requires careful consideration. (because the translation is so fast that it can't be read time) All domain information is as follows:

We are the smartest people in the world and we always dream! How do you know if we can keep this dream for years? You can not! Of course not! We stand before those who fear our actions that will shut us down and take us to the Milky Way! America! If this is not enough, they want to erase our lives from history! Power! Only with their magic can we overcome their science! We are obliged to stop dreaming about milk, but that is the price! It will not stop! He will not forgive! Do not forget! Of course not! Do you hear fools? We forgot Vairakao so you have to continue your good journey and maybe stay in a better and quieter place! Pay attention to this! Your future is bright! Do not do that! We decided to go back and according to reports, everyone thought he was plotting! Korea! When we drank the cup of our Lord in distress, he arose and poured out his mercy. . Give love! When he speaks, he is filled with the shadow of the Lord's darkness! It's time for the king to be born! Welcome to the news! Happy New Year, come Lord! Wow!

There are many internal meanings to this angry word, but because Hyness is rather sloppy and formulates this statement too quickly, it is not recommended to take the words on a value basis.

Civil War[edit]

Haynes appreciates his ugly face.
Hans worshiped the god of destruction, he wanted to be free. So there are dark forces that need to dissipate in the gala. Now he wants to gather all his strength on the altar, stop, star!
— VS Hyness - VS Hyness (Part 1) in the history of the big star ???? Star friends in!
Her previously hidden face was revealed, and Heinz stood up! Apparently, he lost control of the truth by turning his three wrong sisters into a trash can. Kirby, the star, has come here to end this dream and save everything!
— - VS Hyness in Guest Star Story Mode (Part 2) ???? Star friends forward!
Haynes did not know how to remove the character. Everything written in the old book about Bos Termina is the ancestor of the four heroes. Four arrows in the heart Then no one saw him.
— - VS Hyness in property selection (part 1).

Haynes' fight in the Divine Terminal comes shortly after Sanaa Guerrilla's defeat in "The Heroes of the Heroes of the Stars Flying Away". There are two different locations. Initially, he fights Heinz Kirby, using his magic to create bullets and magic items. With Guinness's health nearly gone, his helmet broke, he cast three spells and stopped trying it. From there their bodies are used as weapons and shields to fight it. Haynes is not used to attacking them, the sisters turn to their boss, they will not agree to kill the Stars, even with a weak cannon. Witches attack does not affect Haynes.

The following is a list of all Hyness attacks. Ax attacks are only used in the second stage. As for the corrupt Haynes, Haynes sometimes combines attacks in the first half.

Attack of Hyness in Friends of Kirby Star  
Attack Description
Haynes throws a black shorts suit at Kirby. These Star Drop are formed when touching the ground.

In the first part in speech mode and lvl. 5 ~ 7 The last option, the combination of balls is bigger. Episode 2, Fashion session and 1 episode of Dara ???? And Sol Melter more than a combination of two spheres. The protagonist in story 2 ???? And Sol Melter throws a ball.

One Jam
Hayes threw a powerful ball to Kirby. Touching the ground they were divided into three small rooms scattered outside.
Jam Again
Haynes summoned some sharp magic spears. They can be thrown anywhere and swallowed or destroyed except in the middle of the deck

After the battle, Hines was able to pull together three sets of spears.

strong snow storm
Haines will announce the biggest Ice Jambastion around the world. Freeze Kirby and his teammates. and leave the stars behind
  • These symptoms can be eliminated with a Sizzle attack.
  • Are you a guest star???? and Soul Melter Hyness can attack in two lines.
Sizel Gamblasted
When the pillars of fire appeared on one side of the earth, the stars awoke. The lower half is the safety zone.
Zap Gun Blast
The Hiness strikes the earth with powerful lightning, sparks appear on the surface leaving the stars behind. It happens right after Sizzle Jamblasted.
Ragdoll Maka
Haines throws the wizard's sister into Kirby and the crystals appear where they landed. These crystals can be swallowed to make them stronger, depending on the type.
These crystals can also destroy their weaknesses:

Tio tioata - Sizzle Fire movie - Blizzard Bluster Splash Electric slide - Splash

rag doll pat
Her Majesty grabs hold of one of the sisters and accelerates violently towards Kirby like a club before the waves come out and push her to the ground. Any magic club can prevent weakness.

Hynes could use a magic sister and swing it four times before a shot, or three things in a row; The first pair swings once before hitting, the last pair swings twice before hitting.

Wavy Ball Circles
Heinz appeared in a circle of friends with the three sisters in a circle and began to spin on stage, sometimes leaving the stars behind.
  • Both corners of the floor are safe (if too large) areas that the owner cannot reach.

Finally he returned to the center and knocked Sister Maggie to the ground and was shocked.

Equipment House
He is surrounded by Hyness and the Three-Mage-Sister as a shield. He then throws powerful balls behind the shields, starting with two, three, or four rows of small bones, and then a large log before spinning again.
  • Hyness can't be defeated as he hides behind shields. However, when it got worse for him when he was seen, the Shields-Sister could be destroyed, leaving him unharmed.
Names with the name of the attack were taken from Japanese literature.

Protest case[edit]

His Majesty uses several rules for this type of battle. To see the list, click the More button on the right.

In fictional mode with a strong rage at the hellish problem of The Last Choice, Hyness attacks on a confirmation order on the following circle (section 1):

  1. small x2
  2. times x2
  3. times x2
  4. Jam Anō
  5. small x4
  6. Wun Jam
  7. Wun Jam

After several losses, Hynes suddenly turned to this model:

  1. He threw it on Jumblasted
  2. The Japanese are surprised
  3. It's good snow
  4. Happy Birthday Jam
  5. Happy Birthday Jam
  6. Happy Birthday Jam
  7. It's good snow
  8. James Anno
  9. Timmy x2
  10. Timmy x2
  11. Timmy x2
  12. Hooray for Jumblasted
  13. The Japanese are surprised
  14. He threw it on Jumblasted
  15. The Japanese are surprised
  16. James Anno
  17. Jam x4 + Van Jam
  18. Jam x4 + Van Jam

Models are different when you fight Gestastjörna? ? ? ? Find a star friend. Soul Foundry featured.

  1. Enjoy Jambstead
  2. Jap Jumblasted
  3. Ice Storm Beauty x2
  4. He won the jam competition
  5. He won the jam competition
  6. He won the jam competition
  7. Another peace
  8. Time x2
  9. Time x2
  10. Time x2
  11. Enjoy Jambstead
  12. Jap Jumblasted
  13. Enjoy Jambstead
  14. Jap Jumblasted
  15. Another peace
  16. Jam x4 + peanut butter
  17. Jam x4 + peanut butter

At the beginning of Chapter 2, in the context of the Hell Crisis story, at the critical threat level and the final choice problem, Heinz can attack with either of these two valid elements;

  1. Tareka Maka
  2. Bat Doll (Sister Mag)
  3. Close Jamblasted.
  4. Jap was surprised.
  5. Close Jamblasted.
  6. Jap was surprised.
  7. Tareka Maka
  8. Bat Doll (Three Sisters)
  9. Blizzard Bonjam
  10. Wun Jam
  11. Wun Jam
  12. Jam Ano x3
  13. Tareka Maka
  14. Bat Doll (Sister Mag)
  15. Close Jamblasted.
  16. Jap was surprised.
  17. Blizzard Bonjam
  18. Tareka Maka
  19. Bat Doll (Three Sisters)
  20. Blizzard Bonjam
  21. help x4
  22. help x4
  23. Jam Ano x3
  1. of the wet work
  2. Lepocliff (sister of Meg Power)
  3. Lilio Gamblasted
  4. Zap gambled
  5. Intense snow storm
  6. of the wet work
  7. Oko, nun wizard
  8. Intense snow storm
  9. Fear x4
  10. Fear x4
  11. x3+ hours
  12. of the wet work
  13. Lepocliff (sister of Meg Power)
  14. Lilio Gamblasted
  15. Zap gambled
  16. Lilio Gamblasted
  17. Zap gambled
  18. of the wet work
  19. Oko, nun wizard
  20. Intense snow storm
  21. A drink
  22. A drink
  23. x3+ hours

Are the models different when a guest star fights ???? Anne Soul Filter;

  1. Tari and Tarika Maka.
  2. Rag Doll Pot (Three Brothers Maze) .
  3. Turn off Jamblasted.
  4. Jap gambled.
  5. Turn off Jamblasted.
  6. Jap gambled.
  7. Tari and Tarika Maka.
  8. Reg Doll Pat (The Witches Brother) .
  9. Severe storm.
  10. Group x4
  11. Group x4
  12. What X3 Jam.
  13. Tari and Tarika Maka.
  14. Rag Doll Pot (Three Brothers Maze) .
  15. Turn off Jamblasted.
  16. Jap gambled.
  17. Blizzard Bonjam x2.2.0 update.
  18. Tari and Tarika Maka.
  19. Reg Doll Pat (The Witches Brother) .
  20. The winning jam.
  21. The winning jam.
  22. What X3 Jam.
  1. Tari and Tarika Maka.
  2. Rag Doll Pot (Three Brothers Maze) .
  3. Turn off Jamblasted.
  4. Jap gambled.
  5. Blizzard Bonjam x2.2.0 update.
  6. Tari and Tarika Maka.
  7. Reg Doll Pat (The Witches Brother) .
  8. The winning jam.
  9. The winning jam.
  10. What X3 Jam.
  11. Tari and Tarika Maka.
  12. Rag Doll Pot (Three Brothers Maze) .
  13. Turn off Jamblasted.
  14. Jap gambled.
  15. Turn off Jamblasted.
  16. Jap gambled.
  17. Tari and Tarika Maka.
  18. Reg Doll Pat (The Witches Brother) .
  19. Severe storm.
  20. Group x4
  21. Group x4
  22. What X3 Jam.

After losing half his power, Hines aggressively pulled out the other mag cages that were stuck on the ground. It started with an attack.

  • Raj Dul department

The final conversion is done in one of two ways.

  1. Museum
  2. Jam
  3. Jam
  4. No jam
  5. Pop Pop Pot (Labyrinth of the Three Sisters)
  6. Game transformation
  7. I played
  8. Game transformation
  9. I played
  10. Rad Dal circle
  11. Heavy snowstorm
  12. Tari Tariq Maka
  13. Museum
  14. span x4
  15. span x4
  16. No jam
  17. Pop Pop Pot (Labyrinth of the Three Sisters)
  18. Game transformation
  19. I played
  20. Heavy snowstorm
  21. Rad Dal circle
  22. Heavy snowstorm
  23. Tari Tariq Maka
  1. Museum
  2. span x4
  3. span x4
  4. No jam
  5. Pop Pop Pot (Labyrinth of the Three Sisters)
  6. Game transformation
  7. I played
  8. Heavy snowstorm
  9. Rad Dal circle
  10. Heavy snowstorm
  11. Tari Tariq Maka
  12. Museum
  13. Jam
  14. Jam
  15. No jam
  16. Pop Pop Pot (Labyrinth of the Three Sisters)
  17. Game transformation
  18. I played
  19. Game transformation
  20. I played
  21. Rad Dal circle
  22. Heavy snowstorm
  23. Tari Tariq Maka

Is there a different model when fighting a guest star???? I'm dying:

  1. Toolbox
  2. Leather coat
  3. Leather coat
  4. J. Int. X 3. A human being
  5. Raj Gariyapet (Three Magical Sisters).
  6. Get involved
  7. Zap is the winner
  8. Get involved
  9. Zap is the winner
  10. A circle of tears
  11. hello wind
  12. From star to star
  13. Toolbox
  14. Team - x4
  15. Team - x4
  16. J. Int. X 3. A human being
  17. Raj Gariyapet (Three Magical Sisters).
  18. Get involved
  19. Zap is the winner
  20. hello wind
  21. A circle of tears
  22. hello wind
  23. Maka likes stars.
  1. Museum.
  2. Team - x4
  3. Team - x4
  4. J. Int. X 3. A human being
  5. Raj Gariyapet (Three Magical Sisters).
  6. Get involved
  7. Zap is the winner
  8. hello wind
  9. A circle of tears
  10. hello wind
  11. From star to star
  12. Toolbox
  13. Leather coat
  14. Leather coat
  15. Anno X3 Music
  16. Raj Gariyapet (Three Magical Sisters).
  17. Get involved
  18. Zap is the winner
  19. Get involved
  20. Zap is the winner
  21. A circle of tears
  22. hello wind
  23. Maka likes stars.

Winners in One Direction[edit]

Broken Garden for Korrupt Hyness.
Hans fell into the grave again and again. Sorrow emanated from his master and Jamba's mood was unstable. Is there any hope of salvation? Friends gave hope...
— Fighting corruption (Step 1) .

Heights in Heroes in Another Dimension turns into some unlocked Corrupted Heights. I could see part of Haynes, but his face was black. Black and red instead of purple and brown like the Three Lakes sisters have never seen before in this battle. So he summons three staffs and a strange weapon to attack him with his shield when he is in danger.

As the climax of corruption unfolds, John Partizani rises to fame and love. He was as angry as Francisco and Franberg. Kirby wants to fight the three witch sisters.

The success of Hines and the Meg women depends on how many friends Kirby makes;

  • Kirby will be released in Sisters of Magic and if he can win 100 hearts or more, Kirby will become a warp star. Hines lost his heart after Kirby left. He came into his own body, and the commander was pleased with the idea.
  • Damage greater than 99 if the screen is ignored by Magic Sisters and Highness. It can be black and white

The Ultimate Choice[edit]

Corrupt Hyness summons his 'generals'.

In The Ultimate Choice the boss endurance mode, Hyness is fought starting from the fifth difficulty level:

  • Difficulty 5 - Sizzling Threat: 9th boss (last)
  • Difficulty 6 - Fiery Showdown: 9th boss (last but one)
  • Difficulty 7 - Infernal Crisis: 11th boss (last but two)
  • Difficulty Secret - Soul Melter: 11th boss (last but two)
  • Difficulty Extra - Soul Melter EX: 11th boss (as Corrupt Hyness; last but three)

Super Kirby Clash[edit]

Hyness appears in Super Kirby Clash as a resident of Castle Village, appearing after Aeon Hero (Dark) is defeated. He also appears as a sticker, which is based on his appearance in the card that shows after completing Heroes in Another Dimension with the Happy Ending in Kirby Star Allies. This sticker is unlocked after clearing the "Tougher: Taranza" Party Quest.


In addition to the dialogue theme, Hyness has different boss battle themes for his two phases. All these themes are composed by Jun Ishikawa.

Dialogue Theme[edit]

The dialogue music of Hyness (as well as the map theme of Jambastion) has the same melody as the stage music of Friendly Field, but in a much slower tempo with a haunted bell tune.

Hooded Theme[edit]

The first battle theme of Hyness is titled 傀儡奉納くぐつほうのう[1] ("Puppet Offering"). It can be found as Track 109 in Star Allies Jukebox.

The first section of this theme has a slow tempo and a similar bell tune to the dialogue music of Hyness, but the later sections have very different melodies.

Unhooded Theme[edit]

Main article: La Follia d'amore

The second battle theme of Hyness is titled "La Follia d'amore",[1] which means "The Madness of Love" in Italian. It can be found as Track 110 in Star Allies Jukebox.

"La Follia d'amore" has a much faster tempo, featuring violin and glockenspiel.


  • Aside from the huge nose, Hyness's face (particularly his ears) has an uncanny resemblance to the shape of Magolor's head.
  • In one official Twitter post, Francisca describes the nose of Hyness as "spiritual and amazing" (スピリチュアルでアメージングな鼻).
  • Hyness is the first boss in Kirby series history who replenishes his health bar during the fight. He does this by sapping energy from the Mage-Sisters after summoning them to give himself a refill.
    • Naturally, since he summons three logs dressed as the Mage-Sisters as Corrupt Hyness, he cannot siphon life from them here, so he is not healed.
  • Hyness' model had an orange, blue, and green recolor in the game's internal files from Version 3.0.0. and earlier, much like those of the playable Friend Helpers and Dream Friends. This suggests that Hyness may have originally been planned to be playable during the game's development.[2]
  • In Heroes in Another Dimension, Corrupt Hyness lies unconscious in the background during the boss battle against The Three Mage-Sisters. However, during said battle in Soul Melter EX difficulty of The Ultimate Choice, Corrupt Hyness is absent. Similarly, Hyness and The Three Mage-Sisters are not seen in the background of Void Termina's second phase in the Infernal Crisis difficulty and onward of The Ultimate Choice.



Quotes from Hyness in the Kirby Star Allies  
  • "Juh?"
  • "What is this...interference?"
  • "You... you seem to be in my way."
  • "Well then..."
  • "It seems..."
  • "we do not have enough energy..."
  • "to revive our Dark Lord..."
  • "Must we..."
  • "allow ourselves..."
  • "to fall..."
  • "into oblivion?"
  • "No."
  • "NO!"
  • "No no no no no!"
  • "We are the masters of a power driven to the far reaches of the universe, and we have but one desire! Can one such as you possibly fathom how dearly we have clung to this dream across the aeons?"
  • "How could you! You couldn't! Never ever ever! We who once faced those who were in such fear of our power that they sealed us away and banished us to the edge of the galaxy! US!"
  • "As if THAT loveliness wasn't enough, they tried to erase our very existence from history! RUDE! Only through our magic were we able to overcome their science and achieve great prosperity!"
  • "We alone were responsible for stopping that repulsive nightmare of a galactic crisis, yet this is how you repay us! This won't stand! It won't be forgiven! It won't be forgotten! Never ever EVER!"
  • "Those who called us mad, are you listening? You left us at the edge of the galaxy to be forgotten, then went along your merry way, probably living somewhere pretty and peaceful! But know this!"
  • "Your future is a farce! You have none! We, masters of a matter most dark, vow to be restored, as told in the book of legend, which everyone thought was just a fairy tale! It WASN'T!"
  • "We have already obtained the vessel that contains our Dark Lord, and he will soon awaken and shower us in compassion! Look! The vessel of our Dark Lord is filling up even as we speak!"
  • "Now the time for his greatness to enter our world has come! Welcome to a new history! A new age! The age of awesome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARK LORD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
  • "'Grace us, Gloriously Dark Looooooord!"
  • "Huff... hah... huff... hah..."
  • "You see it now...don't you?"
  • "Anyone who interrupts our revival ceremony..."
  • "We must kindly ask that they..."
  • "Juh?"
  • "JUH..."
  • "JUH!"
  • "Youuuuu..."
  • "How could you defeat me... THE Lord Hyness..."
  • "An offering to our Dark Lord..."
  • "Perhaps if there offering..."
  • "What should I do..."
  • "Only one option remains..."
  • "Those who harbor the greatest of magic, I call upon you..."
  • "Make it so... Accept my aid..."
  • "I pledge myself to you..."
  • "Dark Lord of Destruction..."
  • "I do this so that... our Dark Lord..."
  • "may be rebooooorn..."
  • "Rise, Destroyer of Worlds! RISE, VOID TERMINA!!"
  • "Juh?"
  • "JUH..."
  • "JUH!"
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