Top (Yarn transformation)

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This article is about the Yarn Transformation. For Copy Ability in the anime, see Top (copy ability).
The top transformation as it appears in Kirby's Epic Yarn

The top[conjectural title] is a transformation that can be engaged in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, by both Kirby and Prince Fluff. Kirby/Prince Fluff automatically transform while wrapping up enemies, Cloth Blocks, or spools of string. The top is used after Kirby/Prince Fluff use their Yarn Whip. The Yarn Whip then extends up from the mid-upper portion of the top form, and wraps the string of enemies and blocks into a ball of yarn, or a triangle shaped projectile. Buttonbees for example, roll into a ball that will release three targeting projectiles when thrown.[1] It can be used by pressing and holding the "1" button.[2]

Note: The name "Top" is never referred to in Kirby's Epic Yarn, nor its official manual, website, or strategy guide. These official sources only describe the "Roll Up" action performed.


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  2. "Press (1) to attack enemies, and hold down (1) to roll them up!"Kirby's Epic Yarn manual (page 12)