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Used to switch words in articles according to the language preference the player has chosen in Special:Preferences. The template has two compulsory parameters: us and gb. us should hold the US English spelling, and gb the British English spelling of a word. For example, the word authorize:


The default for logged out users will be US English spellings. European editors are welcome to create templates accommodating more of their native spellings such as "color/colour" and "honor/honour". For some words such as utilize, suffixes can be added as letters immediately following the template brackets {{utilize}}d {{utilize}}s, therefore negating the need for additional templates except the ing suffix.

Captital cases

To capitalize the first letter in the template, ???

Other potential uses

When names vary among regions such as the game titles Kirby: Squeak Squad and Kirby: Mouse Attack, similar templates will be created. The article, however, will be created based on the US name.