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Regarding moving[edit]

When I put the move tag on here, I suggested we move it to just Top since a copy ability is probably a bit more important than a minor transformation (and, as Gigi pointed out on the discord after I added the tag, it's actually an official name), but since they're both one-off abilities, I've been thinking that it might be better to move this to Top (Copy ability) and make just Top a disambig. What do you guys think? ---PinkYoshiFan 14:16, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Any of this are better than our current tsg, but Top (Copy Ability) seems like the best option. Superbound (talk) 10:07, 8 July 2020 (UTC)
Almost a month old, so bumping ---PinkYoshiFan 19:25, 3 August 2020 (UTC)
Go ahead and move it, but make sure the qualifier (copy ability) is in lower case. --Samwell (talk) 19:26, 3 August 2020 (UTC)