Magoloran Launch

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Magoloran Launch
KSA Magoloran Launch.jpg
Magoloran Launch is activated.
Debut game Kirby Star Allies
Type(s) Unlimited uses
Requirements Magolor and one or more friends.
Power(s) Send out a smaller copy of the Lor Starcutter to break through foes and obstacles.
Comparable to Friend Throw
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Magoloran Launch is a Friend Ability present in Kirby Star Allies which was added in version 4.0.0. It can be performed by Magolor and one or more Friends. On command, Magolor summons a small copy of the Lor Starcutter above himself. Allies are then prompted to jump into the ship, with each added friend making the ship both larger and more powerful. Once ready, Magolor releases the ship in the direction he is facing, and it flies in a straight line destroying large metal blocks and enemies in its path.


  • This friend ability is one of two (the other being Al Fresco) that was added in post-release content.