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Stage 10 (theme from Kirby's Block Ball)

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Stage 10
Clip of "Stage 10" from Kirby's Block Ball.
Debut appearance Kirby's Block Ball (1995)
Composer(s) Sukezo Ouyama or Ryoue Takagi
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"Stage 10"[conjectural title] is a theme primarily associated with the tenth stage of Kirby's Block Ball.


Kirby Ball encounters a strange round creature who he must contend with.

"Stage 10" is a light-hearted, hopeful theme in C major. After its short percussion intro, the primary melody starts. It likes to create a fluctuating pattern in a tonic-mediant scale even when its main key changes to E-flat major briefly. This pattern remains consistent for the theme's first half. The second half, on the other hand, has a supertonic chord progression which, in turn, tends to modulate in a major scale ranging from D to A♯. Its lead note corresponds to said progression in such easy-going crotchets, eventually resoluting a C major progression albeit a high register. The theme then loops back to its initial pattern afterwards.