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Left is Daroach, right is Storo, Top-middle is Doc, Mid-Middle is Spinni, and the bottom are Squeakers.

Squeaks are a foreign species first appearing in Kirby: Squeak Squad. There are four highly ranked Squeaks that are known as these names: Spinni, Doc, Storo, and Daroach. Their main goal in Squeak Squad was to steal all of the treasures of Dream Land. Their secondary goal is to deprive Kirby of his slice of cake. The original area the Squeaks are from is unknown.

The members of the Squeaks appear only if Kirby faces them in a boss battle, or if he grabs a large treasure chest. When this happens, a main member of the Squeaks appears with the many other, smaller Squeaks. Also appearing is a base, which has an appearance similar to the environment. If Kirby goes inside, one of three events will happen. If the large treasure chest is taken, a battle with the chosen member to do the mission. If not, there is either two bubbles, one with a random Copy Ability, and another one with a healing item; or a bunch of Squeakers to ambush him.


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Daroach's artwork

The leader of the group, Daroach is a mouse slightly bigger than Kirby with magical powers. Daroach later is possessed, making him Dark Daroach. Due to this, he must be fought twice. Prior to the fight with Dark Nebula, Daroach possessed the Triple Star cane, which he used in both of his fights against Kirby.


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Storo's artwork

The strongest member of the group, Storo is an overweight mouse who can attack Kirby with brute strength. Storo is the main opponent in the sub-game Speedy Teatime.


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Artwork for Spinni

The fastest member of the group, Spinni is a mouse donning a cape. Spinni is the main opponent in Smash Ride. Spinni will give out the Animal ability if Kirby swallows the claw he sometimes drops, or the Ninja ability if Kirby swallows the shuriken thrown at him.


Main article: Doc
Doc's artwork

The smartest member of the group, Doc is a very short mouse with a beard and glasses. When fought as a mid boss, Doc flies in a U.F.O., shooting lasers or bombs at Kirby. If Kirby manages to make the U.F.O. crash, Doc will be ejected out of it, and it can be swallowed for the U.F.O ability. His lasers can be swallowed for the Laser ability. Doc is also fought as a boss twice, both times in a robot. The first time, it is Mecha-Kracko, and the second time, it is Yadogaine.


Squeakers Art SS.png
Artwork depicting Squeakers. Note that Red Squeaker is not shown.

Squeakers are the lowly ranked Squeaks. They are the smallest and weakest of the Squeaks, being proportionately the same size as Kirby. They are a common enemy and appear only inside Squeak Headquarters or when Kirby picks up a large chest. Sometimes, a large number of Squeakers will appear, making them mid bosses. They can steal Kirby's large chest and take it to their headquarters. Unlike the major members of the Squeaks, they can be inhaled and thrown at another enemy for a method of attack. When consumed, they do not provide any form of copy ability.

The color of the Squeakers varies from either red, blue, green, or yellow mice with large ears and a tail. Their color shows how dangerous they are, with blue ones throwing big bombs, green ones throwing small ones, and yellow ones not being very dangerous. The Squeakers only make one appearance without any major members appearing when Kirby picks up the large treasure chest, that place being the fourth part of Secret Sea.

In Kirby Mass Attack, they discover where the Medals were, but they are too timid to get them themselves. They have told Daroach where the Medals are, who in turn tells Kirby, who got the medals himself.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドロッチェ団
Daroach Gang