Sister Circle

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Sister Circle

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Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Type(s) Unlimited uses (with cooldown)
Requirements The Three Mage-Sisters
Power(s) Roll around the stage as a circle to damage all foes on screen.
Comparable to Crash
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Sister Circle is a Friend Ability present in Kirby Star Allies, added in Version 4.0.0 along with The Three Mage-Sisters as a Dream Friend. To perform it requires no more than one 'Mage Sister' friend on the field, and the player activates it by holding ↓ + B for a while, and then releasing. Once initiated, the action pauses as the three mage-sisters form a circle similar to Friend Circle and then start careening around the screen, finishing with a flair that does a large amount of damage, and defeats all standard enemies on screen. This move has a rather large cooldown. Additionally, if more than one 'Three Mage-Sisters' friend is in the party, the other(s) are also affected by this cooldown.


  • Given that this move can be performed by a 'single' character and is not activated by holding ↑, it technically counts as a standard attack, rather than a proper friend ability.