Shield (enemy)

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Enemy InfoBox
Fire Shield.jpg Ice Shield.jpg
Screencap of Sizzle Guard (left) and Blizzard Guard (right) from Kirby Star Allies
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Copy Ability Fire, Ice
Similar Entities Sheld, Floaty the Cellcore, Anger Masker
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Shield[title based on internal game data] (called Guard in Japanese) is an enemy which first appeared in Kirby Star Allies. As its name implies, it is a shield-wielding enemy, though its shield is initially split into two halves. Two variants of this enemy exist, with one type wielding a burning shield and the other wielding a shield made of ice. Aside from this distinction, they are both fundamentally the same, and attack by charging at Kirby and his allies. If hit with most forms of attack, Shield will stop and combine it's shield together to defend. Sustained damage will eventually break the shield, but it will take many hits before doing so. However, should an opposing element be used on the shield, (Sizzle on the ice shield and Blizzard, Bluster, Splash or Artist on the fire shield) it will break immediately, leaving the Shield carrier vulnerable if not defeated right away. Kirby can also inhale Shield's shield if given enough time to do so, and can swallow it for the Fire or Ice abilities based on type. From there, the defenseless Shield bearer can also be inhaled. Once disarmed, the Shield enemy only sits in place, bearing a fearful expression.

Shield without its shield.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブリザ/メラーガガード
Buriza/Meraga Gādo
Blizzard/Sizzle Guard