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Customer Service Art.png
Official artwork of the Salesguy in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
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The Salesguy (Customer Service in Japan) is a villain in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is the salesman of Nightmare Enterprises. the Salesguy brings in money for the company by selling monsters across the universe. His main customer throughout the course of the series is King Dedede. Dedede often refuses to pay for his monsters, though, even causing the Salesguy to send a ghost to collect the funds. He is able to serve customers 24 hours 7 days a week. In the episode "Dedede's Raw Deal", Dedede calls him during his lunch break, making it odd as when Dedede meets him in person in the finale, the Salesguy reveals that there are no kitchens in Nightmare's fortress. the Salesguy enjoys having an audience, putting on dramatic displays, not caring what the audience thinks of him.

The Salesguy often cheats his customers out. In rare cases, he helps Dedede create plots to eliminate Kirby, often not any better than Dedede's own plans. In the dub, the Salesguy's personality is like a stereotypical salesmen, unlike the Japanese version where he acts polite to his customers. He is loyal to his boss, Nightmare. In the dub, he is voiced by Dan Green and in the original, he is voiced by Banjou Ginga.


The Salesguy is humanoid in appearance. He has a long chin and pale gray skin. His hair color is purple and green, and he wears large orange sunglasses. His suit is dark blue with a bright orange shirt and pink tie. In the finale episode, he is revealed to have short, Kirby-like feet with no legs; he is first seen fully in the episode "The Kirby Quiz," but the fact that he is wearing a kimono and that he is on a pillow make it seem that he is sitting as opposed to standing.