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A Post (also called a Peg or Stake) is an object found in many games in the Kirby series, beginning with Kirby's Adventure, and appearing in all subsequent titles that feature the Hammer Copy Ability. Posts can be found on the ground in various places, and serve as a special kind of switch that can only be pressed down using certain attacks. When pressed, they trigger a chain reaction of destroying blocks or some other effect in the same manner as a Bomb Block.

Variants of Posts

Super Post

In addition to normal posts, there is also a giant Super Post that can only be pounded in using the Grand Hammer ability. The super post can either get pounded in incrementally, or all at once, depending on the power of the hammer swing.

Frozen Post

In Kirby Star Allies, some posts can be found encrusted in ice. To pound these, a Sizzle Hammer is needed.

Wall Post

In Kirby Star Allies, posts can be found in walls. These can only be hit using one of the three types of Curling.

Electric Post

In Kirby Star Allies, there is a special electric variety of post. If hit, it will simply reset unless hit with a Zap Hammer or with Geokinesis. If submerged in water, this post cannot be activated at all.

Abilities/Attacks that can pound Posts


Kirby Super Star

  • Wii U Virtual Console manual bio: "You can push it down using a Copy Ability, such as Hammer."