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Kirby arrives at the picnic after finishing one of the stages in the Shiver Star, in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

The Picnic is the Goal Game played at the end of every regular stage in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, where Kirby can select different prizes as rewards for completing the level. All of Kirby's sidekicks are present, each eating a different food: Adeleine is eating a sandwich, King Dedede is munching on a chicken wing, and Waddle Dee is chowing down on a simple rice ball. Interestingly, while all of the other characters are eating food that contains a significant amount of nutritional substance, the only legitimate food provided for Kirby at the picnic is, for the most part, dessert-like options such as cake and ice cream, as possibly seen in the preceding level as well.

When Kirby reaches the picnic, he must jump from the edge of the blanket to the certain item in question in order to obtain it. However, it is quite easy to misjudge or overshoot the item - in the case that Kirby does not land on any item, he begins to humorously cry, and the scene fades to black.


While Kirby's partners eat the same thing regardless of level or picnic location, the selection of items available for obtainment on Kirby's part consistently changes.



There are three different types of Point Stars provided at the picnic, all of which Kirby can obtain, if desired: the standard Yellow Star (with a value of one Star), the Green Star (with a value of 10 standard Stars), and the Red Star (with a value of 25 standard Stars). Stars in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, and in other titles across the series, are collected towards achieving a 1-Up, or an extra life - in The Crystal Shards, no less than 100 Stars will yield Kirby the 1-Up. However, the Stars are not often the rewards of choice at the picnic as there are other high-profile items such as Enemy Info Cards or 1-Ups that are much more scarce than Stars; Stars are abundant throughout the entire game, commonly in the form of the Yellow Star, the most basic Star value. Unlike other items presented at the picnic, these three Star variations are consistently obtainable at all picnics in The Crystal Shards.



Like in the regular stages of The Crystal Shards, food is an obvious choice when it comes down to picnicking as a source of sustenance. While the food selection ranges from dessert-like cakes and ice cream to meat and sandwiches, regardless of the type of nourishent, all food restores one of Kirby's health "eggs".

The Maxim Tomato, however, is a bit different, as it completely restores Kirby's health. This item is also a permanent picnic option, and is often a popular choice, as it is quite rare elsewhere in the game.


Main article: 1-Up

This item is self-explanatory; it literally provides Kirby with an extra life. The 1-Up is also one of the permanent residents of the picnic, and is one of the more popular choices, for the same reasons as the Maxim Tomato, though even more so.

Enemy Info Card

Main article: Enemy Info Card

The Enemy Info Card is perhaps the most important and significant item at every picnic, especially since it cannot be obtained any other way. Although these cards do not have any plot significance, they operate as a function of their collectible value - every enemy (and boss) has a respective identification card that can be obtained and collected, in a fashion similar to a sidequest. These cards are invaluable, and because of this, it could be said that the picnic's true purpose is in the collection of these cards.