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First episode Tooned Out
Main role Minor characters
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The Otakings are a trio of characters that appear in the Tooned Out episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Their name comes from "Otaku" (geek) and "king."


The Otakings are geeky hipsters. They are professional cartoon specialists, and they seem to be interested in Tiff since she is cute. The Otakings are portrayed as stereotypical perverts; drawing the underaged Tiff with large breasts and following her around in a slightly sinister fashion.

Physical appearance[edit]

The Otakings differ in their appearance. Their leader, Biggie, is the biggest of them all. He has a large chin and wears transparent light blue glasses in addition to a blue cap backwards on his head. He wears yellow shoes as well as a red-and-blue T-shirt, over which he wears a full-body apron. His eyes are most often seen closed.

Bony is their thinnest member. He wears a yellow bandana that covers his eyes. His hair is black. He wears a light blue long-sleeved shirt with a pink, open T-shirt over it. Bony also wears long red pants and green shoes.

Sleepy is a short otaku with a somewhat fish-like mouth. He wears round white glasses over his eyes, has a large chin, and has human-like ears and yellow hair. Sleepy also wears a white T-shirt and red shoes.


The Otakings make their only appearance in the episode Tooned Out, where King Dedede hires them to make a cartoon after his previous cartoon failed. According to King Dedede, Kirby is the villain and King Dedede himself is the hero. The Otakings are stunned by the video, and Escargoon tries to draw their attention, but to no avail. King Dedede tells them to make a cartoon with him as the hero, but the Otakings instead lock their attention on Tiff because she is cuter. They take pictures of Tiff, irritating her. Their new cartoon is created, but Dedede is not happy with their desire to make Tiff the star, so he purchased Anige to help in his production the cartoon he'd wanted. However, Anige is destroyed, so Dedede decides to put the Otakings' creation on display. Everyone finds to their dismay that the show the Otakings had created starred a tall, humanoid, anime-styled version of Tiff. Tiff gets annoyed and asks if she was supposed to be the character on-screen, with the Otakings defending their cause by saying that the Tiff in the cartoon is not as short as the actual Tiff. Angry with her unflattering depiction, Tiff chases the Otakings with King Dedede's hammer.