Oohroo saucer

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Oohroo saucer
KMA Oohroo Saucer.png
In-game sprite of Oohroo saucer from Kirby Mass Attack.
First game Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Similar entities Mothership
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Oohroo saucer[conjectural title] is a small silver spacecraft that appears as a minor enemy in Kirby Mass Attack. Three of them are faced by the Kirbys in their spaceship in Volcano Valley - Stage 10, prior to facing down the Mothership. As the Oohroo saucer approaches, it darts around quickly to avoid any potential laser fire. After a while, if it is not shot down, it will beam a Space Oohroo into the Kirbys' ship, which the pink mob will have to deal with. The Oohroo saucer can be destroyed with five laser blasts.

This is one of the few enemies in Kirby Mass Attack which was never given an official name, Japanese or otherwise.