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Olive Ocean - Room 9

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Olive Ocean - Room 9
KaTAM Olive Ocean Room 9.png
Kirby just barely cannot reach the Bomb Block through the wall in Room 9.
Host area Olive Ocean
Linked from Room 8
Links to Room 8
Treasure Chest(s) Yes (Cherry)
Theme music

Clip of the "Deep Sea Area" theme from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

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Olive Ocean - Room 9 is a room in Olive Ocean, the sixth area of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.


This room links to Olive Ocean - Room 8 to the left and Olive Ocean - Hub to the right.


This room is best described as a labyrinth half-soaked in water, with plenty of sea creatures patrolling the depths. Spikes line the walls in places, making this a tricky swim, and Blippers wait in ambush for Kirby to pick up various goodies in the water. The dry upper half contains numerous enemies of other type, though one of these chambers can be flooded by breaking a Bomb Block.

A Treasure Chest lies in the middle of this room, though the Bomb Block is tucked in well beyond its barrier. To reach it, Kirby will need to enter from the Hub, rather than Room 8, so as to not activate one of the other Bomb Blocks that seals it off. Inside the chest is a cherry.


Sprite Name Copy Ability
KNiDL Blipper sprite.png Blipper None
KaTAM Droppy.png Droppy None (default)
KNiDL Glunk sprite.png Glunk None
KatAMMetalGuardian.png Metal Guardian Laser
KNiDL Waddle Doo sprite.png Waddle Doo Beam


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