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NightMare Enterprises (often shortened to N.M.E.; known as the Holy NightMare Co. in Japan) is a corporation founded by eNeMe in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! as a front for his army of monsters. The company takes advantage of wealthy rulers on many worlds, convincing them to buy Nightmare's high priced monsters, depleting them of resources and destroying their worlds. The monster army then attacks their weakened defenses. This tactic is attempted against King Dedede during the course of the show, but it is repelled by Kirby and the Star Warriors.


The company appears to be the latest of Nightmare's various tactics to attain universal domination, and came into existence shortly after the defeat of the Galactic Soldier Army in the war against Nightmare. It uses advanced machinery to transmit things, usually the aforementioned monsters, to various customers, luring them into scams which allow their worlds to fall to Nightmare.


Main article: N.M.E. Sales Guy

The public face of the company, the N.M.E. Sales Guy (known as Customer Service in Japan), is a humanoid figure in a suit, engaging in transactions with his customers. Although he appears to be aligned with Dedede, helping him in his quest to destroy Kirby, his only true allegiance is to Nightmare.

The Sales Guy has a normal human appearance for the most part, but his overly long chin, large feet and grayish skin tone make it clear that he is not a normal person, and he has a more than passing resemblance to Nightmare himself.

Other Products

NightMare Enterprises is also known to produce toys, act as a travel agency, manufacture food, and broadcast television, among other services.