New World

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New World
KatFL Key Artwork 2.jpg
Artwork of Kirby exploring the New World, used for the box art of Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Game(s) Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Inhabitant(s) Beast Pack, Elfilin, Waddle Dees, others
Theme Music

Theme music used to represent the New World

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The New World (also referred to as the forgotten land) is the given name for the world on the other side of the dimensional vortex opened in Popstar which sucked Kirby, the Waddle Dees, and many other denizens of Dream Land in, and is the principal setting of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It is a natural and relatively realistic environment chock-full of the ruins of a long-lost civilization (hereafter referred to as the "new world civilization") which have begun to be subsumed by the natural flora and fauna. Among these ruins, in addition to many familiar creatures from Popstar and other worlds in the Kirby series, roams a group of intelligent animals called the Beast Pack, who during the events of Kirby and the Forgotten Land terrorize and capture the Waddle Dees. Near the end of the game, Kirby pairs up with Elfilin to save the New World and Popstar from colliding by the whims of the main villain of the game.


The New World consists of naturalistic and realistic environments reminiscent of those on Earth, with little to none of Popstar's fantastical terrain. The biomes that Kirby visits include lush grasslands, tropical forests, craggy coasts, frozen tundra, a dried-up sea, arid canyons, and volcanic wastes. The former of these are found on a large singular continent (titled the Arrival Continent), while the latter are found on a separate landmass called the Forbidden Island. All of these locations are chock-full of the ruins of buildings left behind by the industrious new world civilization.

In addition to these areas, the New World is pocked with many dimensional rifts, mainly leading to a place called Treasure Road. In the post-game, another rift opens to a dream realm called Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams.


The New World can be broken down into several distinct regions, with locations within each region as follows:

Areas of the New World  
Area Stages Description
N/A A tropical beachside which serves as the point where Kirby first entered the New World. A number of overgrown buildings and bridges can be found here as well.
N/A A small village where the Waddle Dees have settled, and where Kirby can return to in-between expeditions.
A lush grassland filled with the ruins of an urban metropolis, a construction tunnel, and a shopping mall.
A balmy tropical coastal region with many high cliffs and filled with flooded structures and complexes.
A giant mostly-functional amusement park with an outer-space theme, runaway parade cars, and a house of horrors.
A frigid tundra filled with the flooded ruins of Victorian-era brick buildings and boulevards.
An arid zone which was once a balmy coastline and shipyard before it dried up, with impressive canyons further inland.
An active and unstable volcanic region filled with advanced industrial complexes.
N/A A big and advanced lab complex atop Mount Redgar which houses the alien specimen "ID-F86".


The new world civilization that had once inhabited this land built cities, factories, and other structures reminiscent of modern human structures, though with no concrete evidence of them actually having been humans. Little is known about how the civilization operated, but it had entities analogous to real-world corporations, most notably "Holine Corp.", "Alivel Holdings", and "Lightron Works Company", whose branding can be found all over the world. In addition to skyscrapers, roadways, concrete towers, and sewers, they also built shopping malls, shipyards, power plants, and an extensive amusement park known as Wondaria. Chief among their constructions was an advanced laboratory complex, Lab Discovera, where they kept an alien life-form as a test subject. This alien life-form, dubbed "ID-F86", had at some point in the past attempted to invade the New World and subsume all of its natural wildlife into itself, but was stopped and contained by the new world civilization, who would soon develop advanced "planetary warp" technology from its studies of the creature. From there, all of the inhabitants of the civilization would eventually use this new power to ascend into a "land of dreams", leaving their world and all of its structures behind forever, along with the fractured alien specimen, who was kept in the "Eternal Capsule" in Lab Discovera. It is unknown what happened to them afterward.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 新世界しんせかい
Shin sekai
New World
French Nouveau monde New world