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Mustard Mountain - Room 11

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Mustard Mountain - Room 11
KaTAM Mustard Mountain Room 11.png
Kirby gets frustrated over the lack of cooperation from his buddies in Room 11.
Host area Mustard Mountain
Linked from Room 10
Links to Room 12
Treasure Chest(s) Yes (1-Up)
Theme music

Clip of the "Flame/Lava Area" theme from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

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Mustard Mountain - Room 11 is a room in Mustard Mountain, the fourth area of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.


This room is one way, leading into Mustard Mountain - Room 12.


This room begins in a small cave that leads out to the left. A side passage exists in the floor of this cave which leads to an opening containing some ability-providing enemies. Going right from there leads to an external area, where a Treasure Chest can be accessed containing a 1-Up, though a crumbling floor hazard does exist along the way. Further right, a small volcano can be seen spewing a constant stream of lava. A Heave-Ho Block is just behind this deluge, which would be impossible for it to move due to the small platform right next to the gushing lava, making it harder for Kirby and his friends to inhale. So Kirby would need the Stone ability and slam on the ground numerous times to get the block to budge. Regardless a Pengy can be found on the other side of the volcano, and can be swallowed whether Kirby can get over there or not. If Kirby can get over there, he will be able to retrieve two more 1-Ups which are out in the open.

To the left, past a Bronto Burt and a jump or two over lava, the door to Room 12 can be reached.


Sprite Name Copy Ability
KNiDL Bronto Burt sprite.png Bronto Burt None
KatAMChip.png Chip None
KatAMHeavyKnight.png Heavy Knight Sword
KNiDL Pengi sprite.png Pengy Ice
KNiDL Rocky sprite.png Rocky Stone


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