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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Sandbox/Video/doc

local v = {}
local result = {}

-- base table
local root = mw.html.create('table')

function (frame)
	-- video code
	local code = frame:getParent().args[1]
	-- video size/resolution
	local size = frame:getParent().args[2] or '300px'
	-- alignment of the video
	local float = frame:getParent().args[3] or 'left'
	-- optional caption
	local caption = frame:getParent().args[4]
	-- defines the margin of the table
	-- if float == center, then the table will be X-centered
	local margins = '0 .5rem .5rem .5rem'
	if float == 'center' then
		float = 'none'
		margins = '0 auto'
	-- the table itself
	root:css('display', 'inline-table')
		:css('margin', margins)
		:css('padding', '3px 0 3px')
		:css('background-color', '#'.. frame:preprocess('{{WKColor4}}'))
		:css('border', '2px solid #'.. frame:preprocess('{{WKColor2}}'))
		:css('float', float)
		:tag('th'):wikitext(frame:callParserFunction('#ev:youtube', {code, size}))
	-- if caption is defined, add a new row, a new cell and the caption itself
	if caption then
	return tostring(root)

return v