Minor Yarn Transformations

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In addition to the primary Yarn Transformations which Kirby can transform into in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, there are also a number of Minor Transformations which he can undergo during some actions. They are as follows (names are conjectural):

  • Musical Note - Kirby transforms into a musical note when traveling along a clef line in Melody Town.
  • Spring - Kirby's feet turn into a spring when he jumps from the ground.
  • Tow Truck - Used to pull a zipper.
  • Umbrella - Used during the victory dance at the end of a stage.

Kirby's body will also contort when performing certain movements. The most prominent example is when he is pulling on a Boss's weak point, as his body arcs and stretches considerably to emphasize the effect.