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Kirby rides a Cart in The Great Cave Offensive of Kirby Super Star Ultra.
This article is about the object. For the game mode in Kirby: Canvas Curse, see Cart Run.

A Cart (referred to in Kirby Super Star as a Trolley) is an object that Kirby can interact with in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. It is first encountered in The Great Cave Offensive and is the main method of travel between the various areas in that game mode, and also appears on the planets Hotbeat and Halfmoon in Milky Way Wishes.

Kirby can hop into a cart by jumping into it. While inside, Kirby can nudge the cart forward when the player presses forward on the D-Pad. From there, it will ride along the track or the floor on its own, and defeat any enemy it collides with along the way. While riding the cart, Kirby cannot take damage, but he can be thrown out of the cart if it hits a wall, and he could still potentially fall with it into a bottomless pit and lose a life. To jump out of the cart, Kirby merely has to jump again.

While rolling, carts are capable of pounding Stakes.