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Image of the front box cover.

Mario Kirby Meisaku Video is a Japanese 1993 educational video released by HAL Laboratory. It was aimed at teaching Japanese Kanji to young children. It had two segments: A Mario segment and a Kirby segment. Each segment was a short story centered around the character, with still pictures on the left of the screen and Kanji text on the right. After the two segments were finished, some advertisements for a drawing kit starring the anime character Doraemon and a Yoshi camera are seen.

Mario Segment[edit]

Mario is told by Princess Peach that a "mysterious thief W" has stolen treasure from a nearby school. Mario concludes it is Wario and sets off to find him. After Wario is caught, and a quick battle, he is defeated and the treasure is returned.

Kirby Segment[edit]

The tea party.

In the beginning, Kirby finds a small dog who has lost his mother. Kirby sets off to help the dog, coming across a girl, a bug, and the moon, which tells him that King Dedede might have the dog. After going to Dedede's Castle, he finds Dedede, who is just putting a bandage on the mother's paw. Mother and son are reunited and the four of them have a tea party together.


  • Kirby, Mario and the narrator are all voiced by Mayumi Tanaka.
  • The moon that appears in the Kirby segment may be Mr. Bright.

Video Gallery[edit]

Video dump, remastered and uploaded to YouTube.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオ・カービィ 名作ビデオ
Mario Kirby Masterpiece Video