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Mario Kirby Masterpiece Video

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Image of the front box cover.

Mario Kirby Masterpiece Video[Japanese title] is a Japanese educational video released by Shogakukan, under license by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. The video is dated to 1993 and is aimed at teaching Japanese Kanji to young children. It has two segments: a Mario segment and a Kirby segment. Each segment is a short story centered around the character, with still pictures on the left of the screen and Kanji text on the right. After the two segments, some advertisements for a drawing kit starring the anime character Doraemon and a Yoshi camera are seen. In the video, Kirby is voiced, and he shares the same voice actress as Mario and the narrator, Mayumi Tanaka.[1]

Mario segment[edit]

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Mario is told by Princess Peach that a "mysterious thief W" has stolen treasure from a nearby school. Mario concludes it is Wario and sets off to find him. After Wario is caught, and a quick battle, he is defeated and the treasure is returned.

Kirby segment[edit]

The tea party.

In the beginning, Kirby finds a small dog who has lost his mother. Kirby sets off to help the dog, coming across a girl, a bug, and the moon, which tells him that King Dedede might have the dog's mother. After going to Dedede's Castle, he finds Dedede, who is just putting a bandage on the mother's paw. Mother and son are reunited and the four of them have a tea party together.


Video dump, remastered and uploaded to YouTube.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオ・カービィ 名作めいさくビデオ
mario kābyi meisaku bideo
Mario Kirby Masterpiece Video