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Boss InfoBox
Main Cannon 2.jpg
In-game screenshot of Kirby battling Main Cannon #2.
Debut Game Kirby Super Star
Last Game Kirby Super Star Ultra
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The correct title of this article is "Main Cannon #2". Due to technical restrictions, the number sign in the title has been omitted.

Main Cannon #2, originally known as Combo Cannon, is a boss in Kirby Super Star, it's remake and Kirby's Epic Yarn. It appears in the Revenge of Meta Knight, as well as The Arena. It is an enormous turret that acts as the Halberd's main weapon, having the ability to shoot equally large cannonballs. Below it is another smaller cannon (ostensibly "Main Cannon #1") that fires lasers, and above it is a robotic arm used to hold small objects such as Kirby and bombs. The bombs dropped by the arm can damage the cannon, but due to the lack of space between the top of the screen and the cannon, doing so is exceptionally hard.

Battle Style

This is a table describing each of the huge cannons' attacks during the boss battle against it.

Main Cannon #2's attacks
Attack Description
Main Cannon #2 points its barrel at Kirby, the fires several large cannonballs at him.
Laser Blast
The laser cannon charges up energy and fires a blue laser that streaks across the screen. Cannot be guarded at all. Sometimes during the charge-up, one of the tiles of the floor that Kirby is standing rises since there is a 1-block tall space Kirby can be under to avoid.
Raise Platform
Part of the floor attempts to rise under Kirby, placing him in the laser cannon's line of fire. In Ultra it is only used at low health.
Drop Bomb
The robot arm appears holding a bomb, attempting to drop it on Kirby.
The robot arm appears and attempts to grab hold of Kirby. If it succeeds, it either smashes him on the ground or holds him in front of the laser cannon until it fires. Cannot be guarded.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

The Combo Cannon appears as a collectible trophy.

Trophy Information

"This giant cannon is the main weapon of the Battleship Halberd. Any invader will think twice when cannonballs and laser beams are brought to bear. You'll have to be really careful around these weapons, since even the platforms underfoot will try to lift you into the path of the beam. Watch out!"