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Debut episode Shell-Shocked
Similar entities Escargoon
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The Maimaigoon (Maimaigon in Japanese) is a snail-like monster that appears in Shell-Shocked from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is accidentally created after Escargoon lost his shell and dons a new one. The name is a portmanteau on both the japanese name for Snail and Escargoon's name.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Despite the fact that his concealed form gives him glowing green eyes, The Maimaigoon does not have any eyes at all. He bears a huge resemblance to his original form, but is about 20 times bigger, and his arms have no fingers. He has a large tongue, similar to a Lickitung from the Pokémon series.


After losing his shell, Escargoon cries for help. Kirby, in his attempt to find a replacement, gives him a turban shell, which is the only actual shell, much to Escargoon's delight. Escargoon then asks that his old shell be fixed. However, the Night Mare Enterprises Salesman gives Escargoon a new shell which cannot be broken. After trying on the shell and showing off, Escargoon loses his mind and the Maimaigoon is born.

The Maimaigoon then proceeds to attack everyone in the room with his Mai Mai laser and then attempts to devour Kirby.

However, Kirby tears free and uses his inhale to suck up a hammer that King Dedede brought in, and becomes Hammer Kirby. Kirby attacks the Maimaigoon with his might and may, but the monster fends off most of the blows due to his hard shell. Kirby then attacks with a Hammer Swing but the Maimaigoon counterattacks with his laser. The Maimaigoon is destroyed when Kirby throws his hammer at him with full force, thus losing the ability and reverting the Maimaigoon back to normal Escargoon. Escargoon then regains his old shell, which Tiff had fixed.


  • When he explodes, the Maimaigoon can be seen turning back to the normal Escargoon.
  • Tuff states that the Maimaigoon would have tasted good with garlic and melted butter.