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List of novel-exclusive locations

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This is a list of locations that appear only in the Kirby novel series.

Chiffon Star[edit]

Illustration of the Halberd approaching Chiffon Star

Chiffon Star[Japanese title] is a novel-exclusive planet that appears in Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess ruled by Merengue XIII and Princess Marona and is where the majority of the plot of said novel takes place. It is named after a chiffon, a type of light cake that usually has a fluffy texture.

Chiffon Star is a small remote star renowned for the cakes made here, and is revered as a paradise of sweets. As seen from space, the star has the shape of a gumdrop, its surface having alternating light and dark colors (presumably red or pink). It has two rings: one solid ellipse and a misty ring intersecting it.

The capital of Chiffon Star has several landmarks:

  • Chiffon Castle, a white palace. It is home to the royal family, as well as their servants. There is a fountained garden with stone paving in the backyard. The palace is located in the center of the capital.
  • Royal Cake Factory, located at the back of the palace. Many cakes are baked here daily in divisions, the most notable being the fruitcake division. Special machinery is used in the factory. The treasured royal recipe book containing thousands of recipes is usually stored in a vault.
  • A renowned patissier training school. It released countless patissiers to society.
  • A large number of cake shops (2,419 during the events of the story, with an increase of 427 since the year prior). Among them:
    • Sugar Tree (located on the square in front of the palace) — the largest cake store
    • Sweet Room (Cinnamon Street) — the most popular store as of the events of the novel
    • Happy Dessert (Marmalade Plaza)
    • Chocolate House (Donut Street) — a store famous for its chocolate parfaits
    • Honey Boat (Cream Park) — a store known for its honey pies
    • Unnamed cake shop (12 Vanilla Street, east to the palace) — Princess Marona's favorite store, it was popularized thanks to her. It is famous for its fluffy whipped cream. The shop has large windows with a variety of cakes for display.

In addition, during his stay, Baron Gallic set up several hideouts far from the palace. One such hideout is set in an old fortress located atop a hill beyond a gloomy forest. The fortress was constructed long ago and used at times of conflict, but had since been disused and left in ruins, and was eventually repurposed by Baron Gallic and patrolled by Spear Cotta Knight.

Aside from cakes and pastries, Chiffon Star is also known for its dental technology. King Merengue XIII established a legislation called the ‘Anticavity Law’, encouraging the residents of Chiffon Star to look after their teeth since the abundance of cakes could have a negative impact on them.


  • The number of cake shops on Chiffon Star a year prior to the events and the increase from that year (1992 and 427 respectively) are a reference to the release date of Kirby's Dream Land on April 27th, 1992.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シフォンほし
Shifon hoshi
Chiffon Star

Diamond Town[edit]

Illustration of Hugo activating an ancient machine in the mines of Diamond Town

Diamond Town[Japanese title] is a small town that appears in Kirby and the Search for the Dreamy Gears!, which is located in an alternate universe from Dream Land. It is a town which is surrounded by diamond mines, in which Hugo found an ancient machine. The town is divided into two areas. Its center is called the “Town of Light”, which is full of mansions where the wealthy residents live, including Meta Knight and Hugo. Surrounding it is the “Town of Wind”, where the poor residents live, including Kirby, Waddle Dee, President Dedede, and Daroach.

By the end of the story, the town is renamed renamed to Chocolate Town after all the diamonds are turned into chocolate, and it becomes a popular tourist attraction thanks to its luxurious sweets.

The town includes several locations which appear in the story:

  • The diamond mines, where the ancient machine is found
  • Daroach's café
  • The field, where the first gear is located
  • The clock tower, where the second gear is located
  • Meta Knight's mansion
  • Hugo's mansion, where the third gear is located

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイヤモンド・タウン
Daiyamondo taun
Diamond Town

Dream Village[edit]

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Gloomy Woods[edit]

Illustration of Kirby and Kerota staring in wonder at the glimmering Stardust Fruit

Gloomy Woods[1] is a location exclusive to the novels that appears in Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods!. It is a forest located in Dream Land. As its name implies, is gloomy and dark, regardless of the time of day, and is home to many frightening beasts, such as Grizzo or Fire Lion. These factors make the woods very dangerous and easy to get lost in. However, it is famous as the only place across the entire universe where the Stardust Fruits, the rumored world's tastiest fruits, grow, which made it the target of many adventurers, though none have ever been seen again. The Stardust Fruits ripe here thanks to the Stardust Crystal. It was once guarded by "the master" and his two servants, Ringle and Broom Hatter, but some time before the events of the book, "the master" disappeared, leaving Ringle and Broom Hatter as Gloomy Woods' only inhabitants.

As the plot focuses on Kerota, Keroji, and Kerolina's attempt to retrieve the Stardust Fruits, the majority of the book is spend by them and the protagonists in Gloomy Woods.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くらやみもり
kurayami mori
Dark Forest


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Planet Charm[edit]

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Planet Magnus[edit]

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Planet Refrain[edit]

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Meta Knight meets Papi, a resident of Yomi.

Yomi[Japanese title], or Yomi-no-kuni, is an underworld that appears in Kirby: Meta Knight and the Knight of Yomi. It is based on the eponymous underworld from Japanese mythology. Yomi is mentioned in Morpho Knight and Morpho Knight EX's Special Pages in the Japanese version of Kirby Star Allies, but it is never visited or depicted, so its portrayal is entirely original to the novels. The souls of those who have passed away or are on the brink of death arrive at Yomi. Meta Knight and Papi's side of the story takes place here.

Yomi is not a paradise or a place of suffering, but instead acts more as a purgatory where restless souls spend the eternity of their afterlife. There is no proper entrance or exit to Yomi. Meta Knight arrives there after he is deceived by Beryl and thrown into the Magnus Hellhole, which contains poisonous gas and is so deep that it is near bottomless. Another way to enter or exit is through the dark portals created by Morpho Knight soon after someone in the world of the living lets out a final death scream of agony.

Yomi has a perpetually dim and gray sky, with no sun or clouds, and no differences between day and night. Instead, the flow of time is determined by the common faded flowers growing on trees, as they open in the daytime and close at night. The flora of Yomi includes the aforementioned flower trees, as well as regular flowers and fruit trees scattered across a road. However, none of these possess a scent or taste of their own. As in the actual myth of Yomi, tasting a fruit or a flower from Yomi prevents one from ever returning to the world of the living. The most notable landmark of Yomi is a small fountain of unknown origin located behind some trees.

After three days pass, a soul caught between life and death becomes a permanent resident of Yomi. Newcomers to the underworld typically lose their energy and are unwilling to communicate; they either spend the rest of eternity sleeping or become monsters. However, the more strong-willed are able to recover and return to their body, or, in rare cases such as Meta Knight's, have the body return to the soul.

Among the permanent residents of Yomi are hostile monsters such as Ghost Bats or the powerful Giant Snake (both of which are named by another inhabitant, the atypically colorful butterfly Papi). Residents of the underworld do not grow hungry, tired, or sick, and cannot die again since they are mere souls. However, injuries are permanent and result in degradation, such as shrinking and losing certain mobility. One inhabitant stands out: Morpho Knight, typically seen at night in butterfly form, is bright red and can freely travel to the world of the living and back. The nocturnal lifestyle of the monsters and Morpho Knight makes traveling at night dangerous.

For unknown reasons, Meta Knight obtains a sword replacing his Galaxia, which was taken from him by Beryl, when he arrives in Yomi. This sword has no substance and is less apt for battle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 黄泉よみ
Yomi no kuni
(kanji literally translates to "yellow springs")
Land of Yomi


  1. Taken from the English name of the second novel given in the Kirby Art & Style Collection