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List of Kirby Super Star Ultra quotes

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This is a list of quotes from Kirby Super Star Ultra. For a list of quotes from the original SNES version, see List of Kirby Super Star quotes.

Axe Knight[edit]

  • "Kirby's here! He's flying this way!"
  • "Captain Vul, Kirby's infiltrated the rocket valve!"
  • "Ready for takeoff now! She can fly at any time!"
  • "OK! Main engine ignition!"
  • "Looks like Kirby was blown into the ocean."
  • "Kirby is flying after us!"
  • "Kirby is hit! He's fallen in the woods."
  • "Dyna Blade has been shot down!"
  • "Kirby is now approaching Main Cannon #2."
  • "Ahh! Main Cannon #2 was destroyed!"
  • "Kirby is now heading for the left wing!"
  • "The left wing is destroyed! Damage to 74% of the wing!"
  • "We got him on radar! He's in the ducts!"
  • "Are we really doing this?"
  • "Ahh... Looks like our ship is falling apart..."
  • "Kirby is climbing around the outside of the ship, heading for the helm."
  • "Kirby is moving along the base of the ship."
  • "And it's high."
  • "Kirby is headed for the reactor!"
  • "The reactor has been destroyed!"
  • "All systems failing! No.3 and No.5 engines are gone!"
  • "I will stay until the bitter end."
  • "Wait, Kirby!!"
  • "Lord Meta Knight, please take care!"

Bandana Waddle Dee[edit]

  • "Great King, Kabula has been defeated! What should we do?"
  • "Relax, Great King! You must stay calm!"
  • "Ah, Great King! He had an easy time!"
  • "Kirby's approaching here, Your Majesty!"
  • "Great King, pull yourself together!"
  • "Fight!"
  • "Great King, he beat Phan Phan, too!"
  • "Yes, Your Highness!"
  • "Go get him!"
  • "Oh no! He beat everyone we have!"
  • "Great King! Kirby made it here! W-what do we do?!"
  • "B-but, Great King, I can't do it alone!"
  • "Don't go, King!"
  • "Great King!"

Captain Vul[edit]

  • "Reactor 1, output normal."
  • "Adjust the balancer to ...0003!"
  • "Let's raise the anchor."
  • "Check anti-gravity plant. 1, 2, 3 OK!!"
  • "Release the sails, solar level 288!"
  • "Lord Meta Knight, what is your command?"
  • "Whaat?! Throw the Heavy Lobster at 'im!"
  • "Hurry it up! Where's Heavy Lobster?!"
  • "Now! Take off!"
  • "My flying fortress, the Halberd, will now rule over all of Dream Land."
  • "Fire away! FIIIIRE!"
  • "All right. That should take care of him now."
  • "Listen, you lubbers! I want you all after that Kirby!"
  • "Now you will know the power of Meta Knight!"
  • "Well then, let's guide him in front of one of the cannons."
  • "Have we been found... ?"
  • "He'll be burnt to a crisp. Hahahaha!"
  • "Bwahahaha! Gahaha! ...Hm."
  • "What?! How could this be?"
  • "Everyone! We need to keep Kirby away from the left wing!"
  • "Arggh!"
  • "Hey! Where's Kirby now?"
  • "What's he doing there?!"
  • "Wait... I thought of something. Heeheehee."
  • "Has he made it into the armory?"
  • "Are we all ready?"
  • "Shut it! Now is our only chance to finish him!"
  • "This time we will succeed! Heavy Lobster, away!"
  • "Bwahahahaha! Crush him! CRUSH HIM!"
  • "Don't worry about it! Just press on!"
  • "Hm. Hmm. Having both wings destroyed may be just what we needed..."
  • "You lost him?! Find him! Do it now!"
  • "Not much we can do to him there... But the wind is strong."
  • "...All right, you lot."
  • "So you were the one hoarding them! You scallywag!"
  • "Never fear. I don't think Kirby can do anything to the reactor."
  • "Eeeyah! Don't even say things like that!"
  • "Ahhh! What are you idiots doing?!"
  • "Ahhh! This ship is done for! I gotta get out of here!"
  • "I'm escaping now! Don't think badly of me!"

Galactic Nova[edit]

Milky Way Wishes[edit]

  • "READY. ->"
  • "OK. -> 3... 2... 1... GO! ->"

Meta Knightmare Ultra[edit]

  • "READY. ->"
  • "OK. ->"
  • "...3... 2... 1... GO! ->"

King Dedede[edit]

  • "You mean Kirby is coming here now?!"
  • "R-right... Well... Here's what we do! Kirby will be OURS!"
  • "First, test him... Go, my servants!"
  • "Argh! We'll see how he likes the next!"
  • "Unthinkable! He beat that one, too?!"
  • "Cursed pink lump! I can't believe it!"
  • "Third one's the charm! Get him, Phan Phan!"
  • "Grr! All right, call the cavalry!"
  • "Enough, Kirby! Face Twin Fire Lions!"
  • "Ack! Can't anyone beat that guy?!"
  • "(...We're done for... Only one option...)"
  • "...O-OK then. I guess it's your turn."
  • "...Fine, you can go. You've been spared."
  • "(...I'm sorry.)"
  • "(It's time for my secret weapon...)"
  • "Now you pay, Kirby!"
  • "You made it here... Now, arm yourself!"
  • "Our grudge will be settled at last..."
  • "Meet my powerful secret weapon..."
  • "The brand-new Dedede Hammer!"

Mace Knight[edit]

  • "He mustn't interfere with our plans!"
  • "Kirby is just behind the nozzle now!"
  • "Hmm. That was close."
  • "OK. Main cannons online. Shall we fire?"
  • "But... ! But... ! Kirby is on the deck!"
  • "Looks like Kirby is trying to get on deck."
  • "What is this place?"
  • "The cannon's a wreck! We can't use it!"
  • "We're starting to lose stability because of it!"
  • "It looks like he's inside the cabin now..."
  • "He's moving through the ducts now!"
  • "He has his pick of the lot now."
  • "Hmph. I know we'll regret this."
  • "Looks like the explosion from Heavy Lobster took out the right wing!"
  • "Ack! Kirby's disappeared from the radar!"
  • "And it's scary."
  • "Nooo! My secret stash of food and 1-UPs!"
  • "If we lose the reactor, this is all over for sure!"
  • "All of our Wheelie power sources are escaping!"
  • "We're junked! Nothing left to do but crash!"
  • "We should finish off Kirby then all escape together!"
  • "I cannot let you go any farther!"
  • "We'll go on ahead then!"


  • "Hey, hey, hey."
  • "Can you make peace between the Sun and Moon?"
  • "You need to ask the giant comet Nova for help!"
  • "But first, there's something we must do."
  • "To ask Nova, we must gather power from all the stars around us."
  • "It will be difficult, Kirby, but you can do it!"
  • "We are counting on you. Good luck!"
  • "Well, I want to control Pop Star!"
  • "I did it! It all went according to plan!"
  • "I got the sun and moon to fight. I got you to go into space..."
  • "It was all according to my perfect little plan!"
  • "So now Pop Star is mine! All mine!"
  • "Now I can cause all the mischief I want! Haha! See you later!"
  • "Ho ho ho ho! Ohh ho ho ho! Ho ho ho ho ho! Ohh ho ho ho...!"

Meta Knight[edit]

Revenge of Meta Knight[edit]

  • "The time has come. The time to show our power!"
  • "Dream Land's lazy lifestyle will end! I will rule!"
  • "All on deck prepare for battle! All others prepare for takeoff!"
  • "Initiate takeoff! We'll blow Kirby away!"
  • "But first a little test. Off to Grape Gardens!"
  • "Relax. We must handle this calmly."
  • "That's far enough, Kirby!"
  • "Retract the sails! Give more lift to the left wing!"
  • "... ... ... ..."
  • "He's hiding in the clouds, it seems... He'll come out soon..."
  • "(We've failed...but there's nothing we can do.)"
  • "Attention to all crew! Evacuate ship immediately!"
  • "So... Now it's time for the rest of you to escape as well."
  • "...You are all about to perish. Do as you please."
  • "(...I'm sorry.)"
  • "This is the end! Kirby! Come meet your doom!!"
  • "I won't let you escape!"

Meta Knightmare Ultra[edit]

  • "My one wish is to become stronger..."
  • "So I wish to fight..."
  • "the greatest warrior in the galaxy!"


Spring Breeze[edit]

  • "There's trouble in Dream Land!"
  • "King Dedede and his soldiers"
  • "have stolen ALL the food in Dream Land!"
  • "Here comes our hero, riding in on the spring breeze."
  • "Some call him... Kirby."
  • "Let the adventure begin!"

Milky Way Wishes[edit]

  • "One day, in the year ????, the sun and moon began to fight day and night."

Sailor Waddle Dee[edit]

  • "Oh no! Oh no! What do we do?!"
  • "Kirby is currently fighting Heavy Lobster!"
  • "I wonder..."
  • "Fight!"
  • "Ahahaha!"
  • "You don't think he'd..."
  • "Is he lost or something?"
  • "And it's cold."
  • "(...They looked delicious.)"
  • "So long as a reflected laser doesn't hit the reactor, it will be invincible."
  • "(Heart races...)"