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Release date(s): March 16th, 2018

Game InfoBox
Star Allies Cover.jpg
North American Box Art.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) March 16, 2018 (all regions)
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Game Chronology
<-- Kirby: Battle Royale Last Game Out
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Kirby: Star Allies (Japanese: 星のカービィ スターアライズ Hoshi no Kabi: Star Allies) is an upcoming main-series title for the Nintendo Switch. It is set to release on March 16th 2018 in all regions.


Kirby: Star Allies is an action platformer, styled after previous games in the main series, greatly resembling Kirby's Return to Dream Land in its art style, but in HD. The central gimmicks of the game appear to be using hearts to befriend certain enemies on the stage to turn them into allies in the vain of the Helpers from Kirby Super Star (Ultra). Collecting certain friends will allow Kirby to solve various puzzles, and perform combo attacks called Friend Abilities. These attacks include combining Copy Abilities, as well as performing special moves with the friends.

Once Friends are acquired, they can either be controlled by the CPU, or controlled by additional players.

Not much is known about the story. Recent trailers do suggest, however, that a strange wizard-like being is raining magic on Pop Star, and it is this magic that gives Kirby the ability to charm creatures on the field at will using hearts.

Confirmed Copy Abilities

New Abilities

Returning Abilities

Friend Abilities

According to pre-release information, it should be possible to augment every Copy Ability in the game with another elemental Copy Ability (such as Fire, Ice, and Plasma) to add an effect to that ability. When it comes to utility abilities like Sword and Yo-yo, the move-set doesn't appear to change after the combination, but attacks will cause lingering elemental effects, and be more powerful. Certain combinations (presumably those done between two elemental type abilities) create unique moves, such as the Curling Stone and Icicle Lance. It would appear that a Friend needs to be present to pull off these moves in particular.

In addition, there are more specific friend attacks, which can be done with four Friends. These don't appear to rely on any specific Copy Ability, but instead involve the four friends cooperating in some way to unleash a special attack and/or means of travel, like the Friend Train and the Friends Star.

Known Friend Copy Ablities

Known Friend Attacks

Confirmed Enemies

Vividria (left).
Unknown enemy that wields a fire shield.
Unknown enemy who wears a grass skirt.
Unknown enemy which resides in a bubble of water.

New Enemies

  • Driblee
  • Vividria
  • fiery shield-wielding enemy
  • grass skirt enemy
  • water bubble enemy

Returning Enemies

Confirmed Friends

Confirmed Mid-Bosses

Confirmed Bosses


  • Friends appear to be able to bear different color schemes depending on their player number, like Sir Kibble in green armor. In addition, the Friends wear Kirby-style hats appropriate to their ability once they've been recruited.
  • The Cleaning ability returns in this title, after a 21 year long absence.


Video Gallery

E3 2017 Reveal Trailer

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