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Kirby Quest (theme)

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Kirby Quest
Various arrangements of "Kirby Quest" from Kirby Mass Attack.
Debut appearance Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Composer(s) Shogo Sakai
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"Kirby Quest" is the theme for the eponymous Sub-Game from Kirby Mass Attack. It was composed by Shogo Sakai.


The beginning of a quest.

The base version of "Kirby Quest" is a dramatic theme in C minor and 4/4. It has a straightforward motif circling around E flat, played by strings. It is mirrored with a wider secondary motif in the dominant before the main motif plays again, now with a trumpet counterpoint with a rising fourth similar to that of "Green Greens". The trumpet takes over in the final segment with descending chords. After this, a harp arpeggio follows and leads to a suspense, and then the track loops.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby Mass Attack[edit]

In Kirby Mass Attack, several themes with the common motif appear, all related to the Kirby Quest Sub-Game.

  • "Kirby Quest" - Original theme. Plays at the title screen.
  • "Kirby Conflict" - A faster and more energetic remix of "Kirby Quest" with arpeggios from "Woods Wayfarer", gains polyrhythmical aspects. Plays in most stages of the Sub-Game.
  • "Fate's Crossroad" - Finite jingle based on "Kirby Quest". Plays in the Game Over screen.
  • "Strongest Sword" - Slow remix of "Kirby Conflict" with an intro. Plays during the secret Galaxia battle of stage 39 and the regular Dark Matter Blade battle of stage 40.
  • "Time to Shine" - Remix of "Kirby Conflict". Plays during the secret battle against Real Dark Matter in stage 40.
  • "Action Heaven" - Remix of "Kirby Conflict" with vocals. Plays during the battle against Max Flexer in stage 17.

Other appearances[edit]

"Kirby Conflict" appears on the Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition Compilation Soundtrack as track 36.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カービィマスター
Kābyi Masutā
Kirby Master
"Kirby Master" is the Japanese name of Kirby Quest.
French Kirby Quest -
German Kirby Quest -
Italian Kirby Quest -
Korean 커비 마스터
keobi maseuteo
Kirby Master
"Kirby Master" is the Korean name of Kirby Quest.
Latin American Spanish Kirby Quest -
European Spanish La misión de Kirby Kirby's mission
Language Name Meaning
Japanese コンフリクト
Canadian French Conflit de Kirby Kirby conflict
European French Conflit Conflict
German Kirby-Kampf Kirby Battle
Italian La battaglia di Kirby Kirby's battle
Korean 충돌
Latin American Spanish Conflicto de Kirby Kirby's conflict
European Spanish La batalla de Kirby Kirby's battle
Language Name Meaning
Japanese うんめいのわかれみち
unmei no wakaremichi
Crossroads of Fate
French La croisée du destin Destiny's crossroad
German Schicksals-Scheideweg Fate Crossroads
Italian Incrocio con il destino Crossroads with destiny
Korean 운명의 갈림길
unmyeong-ui gallimgil
Crossroads of Fate
Spanish Encrucijada del destino Fate's crossroad
Language Name Meaning
Japanese さいきょうのけん
saikyō no ken
Strongest Sword
The name is a reference to the strongest weapon one can use in Arcana, 最強さいきょうけん (translated as "Giant Sword" in that game's English version).
Canadian French L'épée la plus forte The strongest sword
European French Puissante épée Powerful sword
German Die stärkste Klinge The Strongest Blade
Italian La spada più forte The strongest sword
Korean 최강의 검
choegang-ui geom
Strongest Sword
Latin American Spanish La espada más fuerte The strongest sword
European Spanish La espada poderosa The powerful sword
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ひかりのときへ
hikari no toki e
Toward the Time of Light
The name is a reference to the final chapter in Arcana, ひかりときへ… (translated as "Salvation" in that game's English version).
Canadian French Étoile montante Rising star
European French Destination lumière Destination light
German Zeit zu glänzen Time to shine
Italian Verso la gloria Towards glory
Korean 빛나는 시간
bichnaneun sigan
Time to Shine
Latin American Spanish Hora de brillar Time to shine
European Spanish Hora de destacar Time to stand out
Language Name Meaning
Japanese エアロビてんごく
earobi tengoku
Aerobics Heaven
This is a reference to the lyrics of the song that Max Flexer sings in the Japanese version of Fitness Fiend.
French Paradis de l'action Action heaven
German Action-Paradies Action Paradise
Italian Azione à gogo
Korean 액션 천국
aegsyeon cheongug
Action Heaven
Latin American Spanish Cielo en acción Heaven in action
European Spanish Paraíso en acción Paradise in action