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Kirby Collecting

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Kirby Collecting
Various arrangements of "Kirby Collecting".
Debut appearance Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Last appearance Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition (2012)
Composer(s) Shogo Sakai
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"Kirby Collecting" is the title theme with one of the primary motifs of Kirby Mass Attack. It was composed by Shogo Sakai.


Time to collect some Kirbys.

"Kirby Collecting" is a jolly theme in E major and 4/4. It has a triumphant intro based on one of Kirby Mass Attack's main motifs; specifically, alternating dominant and tonic from "Green Grounds". The melody is played by a vocal synth and consists of a rising tonic triad in second inversion, which holds at a high note and descends with an arpeggio. The melody plays twice, amd the second time it shifts to minor harmonies, adding character to this part. It features the close F-sharp and C-sharp minor before heading for dominant, which returns to the tonic with bright accidentals that support the tonic. This all repeats. However, rather than ending on tonic directly, a shift to B minor occurs. Here, the meter changes to 7/4, causing the beginning of each new phrase to start sooner than it would at 4/4. This phrase features a descending sixth and stepwise motion up, first in B minor, then A major, then B minor once more. This section repeats, and concludes in a dominant passage before the track loops.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby Mass Attack[edit]

In Kirby Mass Attack, "Kirby Collecting" can be heard as the title screen theme. It has several arrangements throughout the game:

  • "Meadow Breeze" - A more ornamented banjo and accordion arrangement. Plays in the first, second and ninth stages of Green Grounds, the fifth and seventh stages of Sandy Canyon, the first, second and fourth stages of Dedede Resort, and in the Rainbow Bubble (and secret button) areas at the end of each stage.
  • "Underground" - A dramatic minor version. Plays exclusively in Green Grounds - Stage 4.
  • "Lovely Oasis" - Partial arrangement based on the latter part of the melody. Plays in Sandy Canyon - Stage 1.
  • The pachinko theme - Playful partial arrangement based on the primary motif. Heard in Dedede Resort - Stage 2 as the pachinko mini-game's theme.
  • "Surfing Stars" - Partial arrangement based on the "Green Grounds" intro, descending phrase, and virtuosic part of "Meadow Breeze". Heard in Dedede Resort - Stage 3 as the surfing mini-game's theme.
  • "Invincible Candy" - Partial arrangement based on the primary motif. Heard when consuming Invincible Candy specifically.
  • "Game Over" - Sad partial arrangement based on the 7/4 section. Plays at the Game Over screen.
  • "Staff Collection" - A slow C major piano arrangement. Serves as the theme for the staff credits viewed from the file select.
  • "Staff Pond" - A fast version modified to fit 4/4 entirely. Plays during the fishing mini-game staff credits.
  • "Good Memories" - A jazzy rendition. Plays during the roll call exclusive to the Japanese version.
  • "Well Played" - Partial arrangement that utilizes the intro and subsequent harmonic progressions. Plays in the congratulatory screens for finishing the Checklist and getting 100% completion.
  • An unused track - Partial arrangement based on the primary motif. An unused track likely intended to play after defeating a boss.
"Kirby Collecting" in Kirby Mass Attack  
Theme Sample
"Kirby Collecting"
"Meadow Breeze"
"Lovely Oasis"
Pachinko theme
"Surfing Stars"
"Invincible Candy"
"Game Over"
"Staff Collection"
"Staff Pond"
"Good Memories"
"Well Played"
Unused victory theme

Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition[edit]

In Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition, "Kirby Collecting" can be heard when viewing Kirby Mass Attack in Kirby's History.

Other appearances[edit]

"Meadow Breeze" appears on the Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition Compilation Soundtrack as track 35.

Together with "Fun Castle", "Meadow Breeze" specifically is featured in the "Happy Castle in the Grasslands" medley from the Kirby Memorial Arrangements, the second CD of the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert 2-CD set. This medley was arranged by Hirokazu Ando.


  • In the Japanese and Korean versions, "Kirby Collecting" is named directly after the game's title in those languages (あつめて!カービィ and 모여라! 커비 respectively). The consistency between game-title and song-title is lost in every other language, which instead use more-or-less literal translations of the Japanese song title, rather than adapting them to the game's localized name.
    • The song "Staff Collection" parallels the game's title as well, being called あつまれ!かんけいしゃ (Gather! Staff) in Japanese and 모여라! 만든 사람들 (Gather! Creators) in Korean. In most of the other languages, with the reference to the game's title lost in the original song's name, the name of "Staff Collection" mirrors the name of "Kirby Collecting" instead.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あつめて!カービィ
Atsumete! Kābyi
Gather! Kirby
This is the Japanese name of Kirby Mass Attack
Canadian French Collection de Kirby Kirby collection
European French Bonus de Kirby Kirby bonus
German Kirby-Sammeln Kirby Collecting
Italian Arriva Kirby Here comes Kirby
Korean 모여라! 커비
Moyeora! Keobi
Gather! Kirby
This is the Korean name of Kirby Mass Attack
Spanish Colección Kirby Kirby collection