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This article is about Kirby as he appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. For Kirby as he appears in the games, see Kirby.

Official art of Kirby from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Debut Episode Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
Main Role Primary protagonist
Other Appearance(s) his video game incarnation
Similar Characters Meta Knight
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Kirby is featured as the main protagonist of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is an inexperienced Star Warrior, and is attempting to hone his skills after crash-landing in Dream Land. He is portrayed as more helpless than in the games, often running from danger rather than attempting to fight it, though this changes once he obtains a Copy Ability, becoming immensely powerful and performing feats that often dwarf his video game counterpart. His best friends are Tiff and Tuff. He is often antagonized by King Dedede and Escargoon.


Kirby is a small pink ball-shaped entity with red feet and beady blue eyes. Although Meta Knight explains that Kirby is hundreds of years old, he is still immature, looking and behaving like a toddler. True to this depiction, Kirby is a fair amount smaller than Meta Knight, as opposed to his video game counterpart who is a tad bit larger than him. Despite his demeanor, Kirby is quite durable, able to take substantial physical punishment, and can even swim in boiling hot water without any issue.


Kirby acts much like a small child, unable to speak in full sentences, instead repeating the babble word 'poyo'. The only other words he can muster are characters' names, the names of certain Copy Ability moves when using them, and the names of his favorite things, such as watermelons. Appropriately, Kirby is quite naive, often wandering cluelessly into dangerous situations and as such, requires continuous supervision from Tiff, Meta Knight, and other characters. Despite this, Kirby does have some self-awareness, and is generally able to understand what people say to him.

Kirby lives very much in-the-moment, lacking the ability to truly understand deception or to hold grudges. He only becomes angry when he is being attacked by a monster or is being directly insulted by another character, though this anger quickly dissipates once the conflict ends. Most of the time, he has a cheery disposition, and will stop to help someone in need. Kirby is a lover of food of all kinds, and will cheerfully eat even foods that the other characters find disgusting. As such, he is Chef Kawasaki's best customer.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Kirby's personality is how it shifts depending on what form he takes. When he is in his normal form without a Copy Ability, he is often hesitant to fight, and will run away from pursuing monsters. Upon gaining an ability, however, he becomes bold and determined, and will fight head-on so long as it is clear that he can actually best his opponent.


Kirby's naivete and cheerful demeanor typically results in him being kind to everyone he knows, even if they have had a history of antagonizing him. Due to his temperament, however, Kirby cannot be said to have a particularly deep relationship with any of the other characters.

  • Tiff - Despite being his primary supervisor, Kirby often pays little heed to Tiff, and will tend to run off even if she instructs him not to. Regardless, Kirby views Tiff favorably, and will heed her whenever she commands him to inhale something.
  • Meta Knight - Meta Knight can be said to be a harsh teacher toward Kirby, often putting him in tough situations in order to shape Kirby up as a Star Warrior. Despite this, Kirby seems to trust Meta Knight more than any other character, perhaps due to them both sharing a common origin.
  • King Dedede and Escargoon - Despite continuously wanting to attack Kirby or even kill him on many occasions, Kirby still treats these two with the same level of kindness he would toward anyone else, even going so far as to help them on occasion. This demeanor of Kirby's slowly causes first Escargoon, and then even the jealous King Dedede to gradually turn toward Kirby's favor as the series progresses.