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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
KatAM cover art.jpg
KatAM Europe cover art.jpg
KatAM Japan cover art.jpg
Box art for Kirby & The Amazing Mirror from various regions
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory, Flagship
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Tomoaki Fukui
Release date(s) Game Boy Advance
Japan April 15, 2004
Europe July 2, 2004
NA October 18, 2004

Virtual Console (3DS Ambassador Program)
Australia December 15, 2011
Europe December 16, 2011
Japan December 16, 2011
NA December 16, 2011

Virtual Console (Wii U)
Japan April 3, 2014
NA April 10, 2014
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Virtual Console (3DS, Wii U)
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone
PEGI: PEGI 3+.png - 3+
CERO: CERO A.png - All ages
Game chronology
Kirby Air Ride Kirby: Canvas Curse
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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is a main-series Kirby game released for the Game Boy Advance on April 15th, 2004 in Japan, on October 18th, 2004 in North America, and on July 2nd, 2004 in Europe. It was produced by HAL Laboratory and Nintendo, and developed by Flagship. It was also the last installment of the Kirby series to be produced for the Game Boy Advance before the series moved to the Nintendo DS.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror looks and plays much like its predecessor Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, but features an expansive and non-linear interconnected world with bosses that can be defeated in a number of different orders. The game also features four Kirbys of various color which can be played by up to four different players simultaneously, making this title the first main series game which can be played with four players in the main game. The different Kirbys can wander off in separate directions and assist each-other using their Cell Phones.

As it is based on Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror uses much of the same sprite-work, enemies, abilities, and mechanics as its predecessor. However, many additions and a few cuts were made to these categories. Included in the additions are new enemies like Chip, Roly-Poly, Golem, and others, some of which are quite complex in their ability to interact with Kirby. New abilities include Cupid, Missile, Mini, and a few returning favorites from Kirby Super Star such as Fighter and Cook. Due to the open nature of the game, most of the area Bosses can be fought out of order, and aside from Kracko, they are all new (although some are heavily based on older bosses).


Dark Meta Knight splits Kirby into four copies.
High above the skies of Dream Land, the mirror world needs help!
— caption from the opening cut-scene

The story of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror begins by introducing a new world, connected to Dream Land by means of a large golden mirror floating high in the sky. This world - known as the Mirror World - is a parallel universe filled with mirrors which are said to be able to grant wishes made in their reflection.[1] However, these mirrors have become corrupted by a malevolent influence, which is causing them to produce only dark and sinister reflections. Upon learning of this trouble, Meta Knight takes it upon himself to fly into the Mirror World and attempt to set things right. Later on, Kirby is seen strolling through the grasslands under the site of the mirror when Meta Knight - shrouded in shadow - leaps out of the mirror and slices Kirby without warning, splitting him into four nearly identical reflections of himself which differ only by color. After the Kirbys regain their composure and notice what has happened, a Warp Star appears, which the Kirbys use to chase the turncoat Meta Knight back into the Mirror World.

Meta Knight gets trapped in the Dimension Mirror.

After passing through the mirror, the Kirbys land in a series of cloud canopies in the Mirror World which they must traverse. Once they arrive in the central coliseum of the Mirror World, two Meta Knights can be seen fighting each other in front of a large golden mirror. The lighter Meta Knight is struck and forced into the mirror, which the victorious darker Meta Knight then slashes and breaks apart into eight Mirror Shards which are scattered across the world. The remaining Meta Knight then flies off before the Kirbys can react. They set off to reclaim the lost mirror shards and restore the mirror.

While traversing the lands of the Mirror World, the Kirbys repeatedly encounter a fifth murky-hued doppelgänger referred to in-game as Shadow Kirby. This Kirby has the presence of an enemy and can harm the Kirbys on touch, but does not appear to be actively interested in fighting, instead preferring to watch his more brightly-colored cousins. Meanwhile, even if Shadow Kirby gets inhaled by one of the other Kirbys, he manages to escape and is found again elsewhere. Each of the eight mirror shards is guarded by a powerful guardian, with one of the shards being relinquished by the duplicate Meta Knight upon his defeat. Once all eight shards are collected, the mirror is reassembled, and the Kirbys use it to enter a ruined replica of the Central Circle.

The fight against Dark Mind.

Once inside, the Kirbys find the trapped Meta Knight, who reveals the other Meta Knight to be the faker. Exposed, the latter Meta Knight changes his hue, revealing himself as Dark Meta Knight, and is fought one more time and defeated, shattering into glass. From there, a portal opens up which drags the Kirbys inside, and Meta Knight tosses his own sword into the portal for the Kirbys to use. Inside this rift, the Kirbys find the true source of the malevolent power; a giant imposing masked wizard known only as Dark Mind. Using Meta Knight's sword, the Kirbys battle Dark Mind, having to defeat him numerous times before he assumes his true form. In the interim, Shadow Kirby appears whenever the sword is knocked out of Kirby's hands to return the sword to him. Once Dark Mind is defeated in his true form, he attempts to flee but is chased down and destroyed by the Kirbys using Star Bullets shot from their Warp Stars.

Once Dark Mind is vanquished, it is revealed that the once-thought enemy Shadow Kirby was actually the Mirror-world version of Kirby, who was tasked with defending the denizens of the Mirror World. Riding his own Warp Star, Shadow Kirby sees the others off by directing them back to their homeworld. Before leaving, Meta Knight deposits his sword in the Central Circle in front of the now-purified Dimension Mirror, presumably, so it can be used by the Mirror World denizens to ward off any future threats that may arrive.


The main world map for the Mirror World.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is a two-dimensional side-scrolling platform adventure game, with physics, assets, and graphics borrowed from its predecessor, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. As such, it features most of the same enemies, moves, and Copy Abilities from the previous game. However, the premise and layout of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror differ greatly from its predecessors and subsequent titles. The most notable change is to the world itself, which is no longer traversed in a series of levels and isolated linear stages. Instead, all nine major areas of the Mirror World are interlinked and transition into each other in a similar vein to the Metroid games, allowing Kirby to pick his own path through the world for the most part. As such, a map of the world is provided to the player which can be used to navigate the world and observe how each individual room is connected to others around it. In the center of the world is the Central Circle in Rainbow Route, where Kirby starts his exploration and where he returns to whenever the game is reset, he completes a Goal Game, defeats a Boss, or uses his Cell Phone. As various Big Switches are pressed in the Mirror World, Mirror Doors link back to the central circle which allows Kirby to quickly return to areas he has already visited.

The second main feature of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is the four-player co-op system. By linking up to four Game Boy Advance systems together, players can simultaneously play as each of the four Kirbys and explore the world entirely on their own terms and in completely separate directions. Using the Cell Phone will allow the Kirbys to call each-other and warp to each-others' positions, though this requires Battery power. While cooperation in this way is not necessary to obtain 100% completion, it can make a lot of the fights and puzzles easier. This multi-player extends to each of the Sub-Games as well, which can all be played with up to four players. Any Kirbys which are not controlled by a player will instead be controlled by the CPU.

A section of gameplay from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

Aside from these features, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror offers a number of new enemies, copy abilities, and other features to the game. The new abilities are as follows:

  • Cupid - Gives Kirby a bow and angelic wings which allow him to shoot arrows while flying freely in the air.
  • Magic - A limited-use ability which causes a raffle to happen, resulting in various effects.
  • Mini - A situational ability that makes Kirby tiny, allowing him to fit through tight gaps.
  • Missile - Transforms Kirby into a missile that can fly in any direction and explode on contact.
  • Smash - Gives Kirby a condensed version of his move-set from Super Smash Bros. Melee, including his Final Cutter, Hammer spin, and Stone smash.
  • Master - The final ability in the game is a more powerful version of the Sword ability which grants a number of unique attacks and can solve many puzzles.

Throughout the Mirror World, Kirby can find a number of optional goodies inside of Treasure Chests, including a Sound Player and note sheets, Spray Paint, Vitalities, and area maps, along with more minor and conventional items. While these items are not necessary to complete the game, every single treasure chest must be opened to attain 100% completion.


The game consists of a total of ten areas, most of which contain a boss that holds a Mirror Shard. Unlike in many other games in the series, Kirby does not need to visit the majority of these in a set order but may tackle them in any sequence he wishes, provided he locates their entrances, which are sometimes hidden.

Area Nr. Name Boss(es) Description
Area 1 Rainbow Route None This is the area that Kirby starts out in. There is no boss or Mirror Shard here, but many other areas of the game are in some way connected to Rainbow Route.
Area 2 Moonlight Mansion King Golem In this dark mansion, Kirby first encounters the Golems, as well as their leader, who guards a Mirror Shard.
Area 3 Cabbage Cavern Moley An underground labyrinth containing some submerged parts.
Area 4 Mustard Mountain Kracko A mountainous area partially flooded with lava, which may harm Kirby.
Area 5 Carrot Castle Mega Titan This castle is located next to the Peppermint Palace and contains a multitude of challenges, many of which involve Gordos, rotating Cannons or spikes. Carrot Castle can be linked to Radish Ruins by flipping a hidden lever in both areas.
Area 6 Olive Ocean Gobbler Although the beginning of this area takes place above water, Kirby has to venture deep into an underwater cave to fight this area's boss and retrieve the Mirror Shard.
Area 7 Peppermint Palace Wiz The Peppermint Palace consists entirely of slippery ice, making Kirby a bit harder to control. It is notable for being one of the few locations in the game to contain Pengys.
Area 8 Radish Ruins ??? By destroying a Bomb Block, Kirby can uncover the entrance to these ancient ruins. To obtain the Mirror Shard, he not only has to find his way through the ruins but also explore the mountains around them. This area can only be accessed from Cabbage Cavern but can be linked to Carrot Castle by flipping a hidden lever in both areas.
Area 9 Candy Constellation Master Hand & Crazy Hand This strange area is found in the depths of space and can be reached only by finding certain Warp Stars in other areas.
N/A Dimension Mirror Dark Meta Knight, Dark Mind (3 phases) After acquiring all the Mirror Shards, Kirby may enter the mirror floating in the middle of the hub. This area is different from all the others in that it has no map or area number, as well as consisting of only a few rooms. The most notable thing about it is the seven boss fights, which are the final ones in the game. Completing this area triggers the ending.


Screenshot of the completed Collection Room.

During his journey, Kirby may encounter various items that can assist him in various ways when picked up. They can usually either be seen lying on the ground or be found inside treasure chests, though some may also be dropped by certain enemies. Certain items come in limited numbers; these can be viewed in the Collection Room once obtained.

Name Appearance Description
KaTAM 1Up.png
Awards Kirby an extra life. 1-Ups are often hidden, multiple appear during the Goal Game rides, where they are among the most difficult items to catch. They may also be dropped by Shadow Kirby.
Area Map
K&TAM Rainbow Route Map Item.png
Permanently enables Kirby to view the layout of the area the map is found in. Can be acquired only from large treasure chests.
KaTAM Battery.png
Recharges one power bar of the Cell Phone. Batteries can be found on the ground or in Boxy's packages, as well as during the goal Warp Star ride.
KaTAM Candy.png
A rare item that makes Kirby invincible for a short time. May be dropped by Shadow Kirby.
Energy Drink
KaTAM Energy Drink.png
Restores two bars to Kirby's health meter. Unlike food, Energy Drinks cannot be dropped by enemies but can be acquired during the goal Warp Star ride.
KaTAM Omurice.png
KaTAM Cherries.png
KaTAM Meat.png
Like Energy Drinks, the various food items can be picked up to regain health, the amount restored depending on the item. Cherries and drumsticks are the most common, though other kinds may be obtained from defeated enemies or Boxy's packages, as well as the Cook ability. Drumsticks and cherries also appear during Goal Games.
Maxim Tomato
KaTAM Maxim Tomato.png
Restores all of Kirby's health. May be dropped by Shadow Kirby or acquired from bosses that have already been defeated before. This item appears during the goal Warp Star ride.
KaTAM Notes.png
Allows Kirby to play musical scores using the Sound Player. Can be found only in treasure chests. Six of these exist in the game.
KaTAM Sounds.png
Enables Kirby to play various assortments of sound effects using the Sound Player. This item is found only in treasure chests. Four collections of sounds exist in total.
Sound Player
KaTAM Sound Player.png
The Sound Player is needed to play Notes and Sounds. It is hidden in a treasure chest and can be used from the Collection Room once obtained.
Spray Paint
KaTAM Spray Paint.png
14 different colors of Spray Paint can be found in treasure chests throughout the game. They enable Kirby to change his color, although this does not influence gameplay.
KaTAM Vitality.png
Permanently increases Kirby's maximum health by one bar. Can only be found in large treasure chests. A total of four can be acquired.
World Map
K&TAM World Map Item.png
Enables Kirby to view a map of the Mirror World, which shows the whereabouts of his helpers and which areas are already connected to the hub. Only one is found in the game; it is acquired from a treasure chest.

Copy Abilities[edit]

Like most games of the Kirby series, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror features a number of Copy Abilities that Kirby may obtain by inhaling and swallowing certain enemies or Mid-Bosses. Although many of the abilities in this game have already been seen in previous games, it also includes its share of new abilities.

Name Appearance Icon Obtained from Description
KNiDL Beam sprite.png
KNiDL Beam icon.png
Waddle Doo Enables Kirby to use a beam against enemies like a whip.
Advance BombKirby.png
Bombs, Foley Allows Kirby to throw bombs into a selected direction or place them on the ground. Can light cannon fuses.
KNiDL Burning sprite.png
KNiDL Burning icon.png
Batafire, Flamer Lets Kirby launch himself forward in the form of a fireball, harming enemies and lighting fuses of cannons.
KNiDL Limit sprite.png
Cookin This rare ability lets Kirby cook all enemies on the screen, turning them into food. Can only be used once.
KNiDL Limit sprite.png
KNiDL Crash icon.png
Bomber Immediately defeats all enemies on the screen. Can only be used once.
Advance CupidKirby.png
Cupie Using this ability, Kirby may fly using angel wings and shoot arrows at his foes, which may cut the strings of platforms.
KNiDL Cutter sprite.png
KNiDL Cutter icon.png
Moley's spike balls, Sir Kibble Lets Kirby throw boomerang cutters at enemies, which can cut strings.
KNiDL Backdrop sprite.png
Box Boxer, Boxin Enables Kirby to perform a variety of martial arts-based moves against opponents.
KNiDL Fire sprite.png
KNiDL Fire icon.png
Hot Head, Moley's waste cans, Prank's flame cubes Gives Kirby the ability to breathe fire, letting him light the fuses of cannons.
KNiDL Hammer sprite.png
KNiDL Hammer icon.png
Bonkers Using a large hammer, Kirby can attack enemies and pound stakes into the ground.
KaTAM Ice sprite.png
KNiDL Ice icon.png
Mr. Frosty, Pengy, Prank's ice cubes Lets Kirby freeze enemies into ice cubes with his chilly breath.
KNiDL Laser sprite.png
KNiDL Laser icon.png
Laser Ball, Metal Guardian Grants Kirby the ability to fire lasers, which reflect off slanted walls and may light fuses.
KNiDL Limit sprite.png
Boxy A single use ability that triggers a roulette, which gives Kirby a random ability, turns enemies into food or 1-Ups, makes him invincible or causes Meta Knight to clear the screen of foes.
Advance MasterKirby.png
Meta Knight's sword Using Meta Knight's sword, Kirby can execute many powerful attacks in and above water, which let him move blocks, light fuses, pound stakes into the ground and cut strings.
Minny Kirby shrinks while possessing this ability, enabling him to fit into tight spaces, but making him unable to attack.
KTAM Missile Kirby Sprite.png
Bang-Bang, Bombar Grants Kirby the ability to transform into a missile, which can be controlled freely and explodes upon hitting something, harming foes and turning Kirby back to normal.
KNiDL Parasol sprite.png
KNiDL Parasol icon.png
Parasol Kirby wields a parasol with this ability, which he can use to attack or to block enemy attacks.
KNiDL Sleep sprite.png
KNiDL Sleep icon.png
Noddy, Wiz's apples Puts Kirby to sleep for a few seconds, keeping him from moving and leaving him defenseless.
KNiDL Kirby sprite.png
Master Hand Lets Kirby use moves from the Super Smash Bros. series, most of which are similar to Stone, Hammer, Sword or Fighter.
KNiDL Spark sprite.png
KNiDL Spark icon.png
Sparky, Wiz's clouds Grants Kirby the ability to create a force field of electricity around him, which harms enemies.
Giant Rocky, Golem, Rocky Allows Kirby to assume an invincible rock form, letting him squash foes and pound stakes into the ground, but rendering him immobile until he transforms back.
KNiDL Sword sprite.png
KNiDL Sword icon.png
Gobbler's fish, Heavy Knight, Sword Knight Wielding a sword, Kirby can slash at his enemies even underwater.
KNiDL Throw sprite.png
KNiDL Throw icon.png
Phan Phan Lets Kirby grab an enemy by inhaling and toss it into the direction specified with the directional pad.
KNiDL Tornado sprite.png
KNiDL Tornado icon.png
Twister Enables Kirby to temporarily turn into an invincible tornado, which can hover and harms all enemies it touches.
KNiDL UFO sprite.png
KNiDL UFO icon.png
UFO A rare ability that lets Kirby fly and shoot strong beams and lasers. If he completes an area, the ability is lost.
KNiDL Wheel sprite.png
KNiDL Wheel icon.png
Moley's tires, Wheelie, Wiz's cars Renders Kirby capable of transforming into a wheel, which travels very quickly and harms opponents.



As in other Kirby games, many varieties of enemies appear in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, most of which can be inhaled and many of which grant Kirby a Copy Ability. In addition to regular enemies, this game introduces enemies that are bigger than usual; these take considerably longer to inhale and usually possess a large amount of health.

Name Appearance Copy Ability Description
Missile A rocket-like adversary that launches itself at Kirby, homing in on him until exploding.
None A bat-like enemy that flies after Kirby once he attracts its attention.
Big Waddle Dee
Big Waddle Dee.png
None A larger version of the common Waddle Dee which takes longer to inhale.
KNiD E Blipper.png
None Aquatic enemies that follow Kirby and may even jump out of the water.
None Disguised as a Star Block, this enemy waits for Kirby to attack or attempt to inhale it, then reveals its true face and chases after him.
KNiD E Bomber.png
Crash A walking bomb with a powerful explosion. Very rare.
Fighter A mole-like creature that attempts to punch Kirby.
Bronto Burt
KNiD E BrontoBurt.png
None A common enemy that flies in a wave motion, moving through obstacles.
None A furry creature with a foxtail that cheerily jumps around.
Cook A rare enemy that tosses its frying pan at Kirby.
Cupid An angel-like being that shoots arrows.
None Running, jumping, and floating through the level, this enemy is able to steal Kirby's Copy Ability.
KNiD E Flamer.png
Burning A foe that clings to walls and is able to launch itself at Kirby as a fireball.
Bomb These enemies float in the air until Kirby passes by below them, causing them to fall down and explode.
Giant Rocky
Stone A giant version of a Rocky with a large amount of health that takes longer to inhale.
KNiD E Glunk.png
None A stationary sea anemone-like foe that fires projectiles.
Stone, Fighter*, Wheel* A big stone creature that wakes up when Kirby walks past it and takes longer to inhale than most other foes. Comes in three colors, each of which uses different attacks.
KNiD E Gordo.png
None A classic Kirby-enemy that is indestructible and dangerous to touch.
None Blue, hedgehog-like enemies that fly in a straight line.
Heavy Knight
Sword A large, heavily armored opponent that attacks with a sword. Has a high amount of health and takes longer to inhale than most enemies.
Hot Head
KNiD E HotHead.png
Fire This enemy breathes fire at Kirby, sometimes spitting large fireballs with a long range.
None A rare type of enemy that occupies cannons, making them inaccessible until it is defeated or launched out of the cannon. It can also spit harmful stars at Kirby.
Laser Ball
KNiD E LaserBall.png
Laser A floating, spherical enemy that moves through walls and fires lasers.
None A flying enemy that kisses Kirby if he bumps into it, harming him.
Metal Guardian
Laser A large, flying robot enemy that fires lasers at Kirby - either three at the same time or a single, more powerful one. It has a high amount of health and takes longer to inhale than most enemies.
Mini Tiny enemies whose main purpose is giving Kirby the Mini ability upon being swallowed.
None This enemy lurks in mirrors and has to be defeated from a distance. Otherwise, it buries itself and the mirror in the ground, making it inaccessible.
KNiD E Noddy.png
Sleep Slowly walks around without attacking. May fall asleep while walking.
KNiD E Parasol.png
Parasol Always held by either a Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, or Shotzo, this parasol enables enemies to slow their fall.
KNiD E Pengi.png
Ice Penguins that try to freeze Kirby with their chilly breath.
None A rare adversary that plays pranks on Kirby and then runs away.
KNiD E Rocky.png
Stone A walking rock that attempts to crush Kirby under its weight.
None A common foe able to roll down slopes.
KNiD E Scarfy.png
None Scarfies float in one place until angered, at which point they begin to chase Kirby.
Shadow Kirby
None Kirby encounters this shady look-alike of himself in no more than a few places. He only takes a single hit to defeat, and usually leaves a helpful item behind.
None A plane-like enemy that shoots at Kirby.
KNiD E Shotzo.png
None Invincible, stationary cannons that fire cannonballs and may directly aim at Kirby.
Sir Kibble
KNiD E SirKibble.png
Cutter An armored enemy that throws the top part of its helmet like a boomerang.
KatAM Snooter.png
None A strange creature with a bill that can eat Kirby. If it is not destroyed in a single attack, it begins to dash around angrily when hit.
None Similarly to Shooty, this enemy flies through the air and fires lasers.
KNiD E Sparky.png
Spark An enemy that hops around and creates an electric force field around itself for an attack.
None A squid-like enemy that attacks by jumping around and swimming upwards in the water.
Sword Knight
KNiD E SwordKnight.png
Sword An evil sword-fighter that walks back and forth inside a small area and may deflect Kirby's attacks.
KNiD E Twister.png
Tornado A top-like enemy that spins and can transform into a powerful tornado.
KNiD E UFO.png
UFO This rare enemy flies after Kirby very quickly, stopping occasionally to fire laser beams.
Waddle Dee
KNiDL Waddle Dee sprite.png
None One of Kirby's most common and basic foes, it does nothing but walk left and right.
Waddle Doo
KNiD E WaddleDoo.png
Beam A Waddle Dee-like enemy with a singular eye that is able to fire beams at Kirby.
KNiD E Wheelie.png
Wheel A tire-like enemy which speeds after Kirby, attempting to run him over.

*The gray and yellow Golem varieties yield Fighter and Wheel, respectively, if Kirby inhales them during their attacks. Otherwise, he receives Stone.


In various locations, Kirby encounters Mid-Bosses, which are stronger than normal enemies and usually have to be defeated in order to move on. These always yield a Copy Ability, but can only be inhaled following their defeat.

Name Appearance Copy Ability HP Description
Burning 30 A large, bat-like Mid-Boss engulfed in fire. It flies across the arena and is able to either charge at Kirby or release volleys of fireballs, which can be inhaled and spat back.
Missile 40 A green airplane-like adversary that flies around firing homing missiles at Kirby or dropping bombs on him, all of which can be inhaled and spat back to defeat the Mid-Boss.
KNiDL Bonkers sprite.png
Hammer 40 A gorilla-like foe that attempts to hit Kirby with its hammer, creating stars that can be spat back, or throws large coconuts at him, which can likewise be inhaled and used to defeat the Mid-Boss.
Box Boxer
Fighter 40 This dog-based Mid-Boss attempts to punch Kirby and may also toss him, causing damage. From time to time, it fires large blasts of energy from its hands, which also serve as a means of defeating it.
Magic 40 A cross of a plant and an anthropomorphic gift package, Boxy charges at Kirby or releases smaller gift boxes from its mouth, which Kirby may spit back at it. When not immediately inhaled, these boxes may open up to reveal bombs, which yield the Bomb ability, food items or batteries.
Master Hand
Smash 40 Originating from the Super Smash Bros. series, this large, white, glove attempts to slam or grab Kirby. He may also fire projectiles from his fingers, which can be inhaled and spat back. In addition, he causes stars to appear when slamming the ground, which likewise serve as ammunition.
Mr. Frosty
KNiDL Mr Frosty sprite.png
Ice 30 A blue walrus that charges at Kirby or tosses ice cubes of two sizes at him, which he (Kirby) has to use as ammunition to defeat it.
Phan Phan
KNiDL Phan Phan sprite.png
Throw 30 This elephant-like adversary rolls around and tries to grab Kirby with its trunk, throwing him against a wall to cause damage. It also tosses apples, which can be spat back at it.


In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Kirby needs to locate and defeat a boss in nearly every area, excluding Rainbow Route, in order to acquire the Mirror Shards that eventually grant him access to the final boss fights. Bosses can never be inhaled and do not possess abilities, but many of them are able to summon enemies that may yield one.

Name Appearance Location HP Description
King Golem
Moonlight Mansion 60 In a similar manner to Whispy Woods, this giant stone column remains in one place while dropping rocks and Gordos on Kirby, the former of which can be inhaled and spat back at it.

It is also capable of releasing Golems of different colors from its mouth, which may be used for the same purpose.

Cabbage Cavern 80 A large, gray mole that randomly pops out of one of six holes in the cave it is fought in, tossing various objects at Kirby. Many of these can be inhaled and used to defeat the boss.
KNiDL Kracko sprite.png
Mustard Mountain 60 One of the most fought bosses in the Kirby series, this one-eyed cloud creature employs similar tactics as in other games it appears in, flying across the arena and attacking with beams and rain.

It also creates Waddle Doos and Flamers, which can be used as ammunition or swallowed for the Beam or Burning ability, respectively.

Mega Titan
Mega Titan.png
Carrot Castle Body: 40

Head: 20

Phase 1 (body):

This large robot boss flies around, launching its four fists at Kirby. To defeat it, Kirby has to use the Beam or Spark ability or push it into the electricity at the sides of the room by using a Copy Ability or the stars generated by its attacks.

  • The body takes no damage from Kirby's attacks, except for Beam and Spark.
  • If the body is pushed to the electricity at the sides of the room, it takes 10 damage. Therefore, the body can be defeated when it's pushed to the electricity 4 times.

Phase 2 (head):

Once its body is destroyed, its head remains, floating around while firing missiles, which can be inhaled and spat back.

  • Kirby's normal star shot does 10 damage. Therefore, the head can be defeated with 2 normal star shots.
Olive Ocean 60 A blue shark in a lifebuoy that resides in water, charging at Kirby or releasing smaller sharks, which may be inhaled and spat back. Alternatively, squirting at the boss while underwater likewise damages it. If Kirby leaves the water, Gobbler attacks him by leaping out of it.
  • Weakness: slash element attacks (Sword, Cutter, Master), electric element attacks (Beam and Spark, though it's difficult to hit Gobbler with these electric abilities)
  • Alternatively, Gobbler can be easily defeated by Stone (including from Smash) because the stone Kirby transforms into is slowed down when sinking in the water and Gobbler can be defeated with 6 Stone hits.
KaTAM Wiz.png
Peppermint Palace 80 This cloaked magician is fought in a similar manner as Paint Roller in Kirby's Adventure. It flies across the room, stopping in one of its corners, and conjures up different objects or enemies, which Kirby can inhale and spit back at the boss.
KNiDL Meta Knight sprite.png
Radish Ruins 60 This masked swordsman appears to be Meta Knight, but is actually Dark Meta Knight in disguise.

He attacks by using various sword fighting techniques, a few of which create stars that may be spat back.

Unlike Kirby's fights with Meta Knight in other games, the Sword ability is not provided in this battle.

Master Hand & Crazy Hand
Candy Constellation Master Hand: 60

Crazy Hand: 40

For this boss battle, Master Hand (right hand) teams up with Crazy Hand (left hand) from the Super Smash Bros. series.

In addition to each of them being able to use the Mid-Boss's attacks, the two gloves may cooperate to perform a clapping attack.

Each of the bosses has to be defeated separately, either by using a Copy Ability or spitting the stars generated by some of their attacks back at them.

Dark Meta Knight
The Mirror 48 Dark Meta Knight returns for a rematch, now unmasked by the real Meta Knight.

Dark Meta Knight's attacks are similar to those he uses in Radish Ruins, but he attacks more quickly and is able to use new, more powerful abilities, including:

  • Sending energy waves from his sword;
  • Creating a tornado that throws Kirby into the air.
Dark Mind (phase 1)
The Mirror First battle: 32

Second battle: 40

Third battle: 40

Fourth battle: 56

The first phase of Dark Mind, a large, cloaked figure with a helmet, has to be fought four times in consecution in slightly different arenas, with a short breather segment and the possibility of acquiring a Maxim Tomato between each battle.
  • In Boss Endurance, only the fourth battle of Dark Mind's first form is fought.

He attacks by teleporting around the room and performing a wide repertoire of attacks, most of which involve launching star bullets at Kirby in different formations, exposing his weak core in the process.

To harm him, Kirby has to use the Master ability, which is provided at the beginning of the battle, to attack his core, avoiding the two mirrors circling around him.

If Kirby loses the ability, he may alternatively inhale Dark Mind's star bullets and fire them back at him. Dark Mind's star bullets also give the following Copy Abilities if swallowed:

Dark Mind may drop a disco ball that gives Crash ability. Dark Mind has resistance to Crash, however.

Dark Mind (phase 2)
The Mirror 96 Dark Mind's second form is a giant ball of fire with a singular eye, greatly resembling Zero in Kirby's Dream Land 3.

He normally floats at the top of the screen, though he occasionally charges across the ground.

Many of his attacks involve mirrors, which he causes to fly around the screen, damaging Kirby if he touches them, or to reflect laser beams he shoots.

He may also fire a large, powerful beam at Kirby, or flip the entire stage upside-down.

To harm him, Kirby must attack his singular eye or the mirrors (which take more damage than his eye).

In addition, Dark Mind continuously summons various kinds of enemies, including Waddle Doos, Boxins, Sir Kibbles and Laser Balls, which can be used as ammunition or swallowed for their ability, should Kirby lose the Master ability.

Dark Mind's second form still has a resistance to Crash.

Dark Mind (phase 3)
The Mirror 250 The final form of Dark Mind (and the final boss of the game) resembles its second form, but is considerably smaller.

It is fought in a similar manner as Nightmare's first form in Kirby's Adventure. Kirby, riding on a Warp Star, has to fire stars at Dark Mind, who flies left and right near the top of the screen and is likewise able to shoot stars in various patterns, as well as charge at Kirby.

  • Each star shot from Kirby does 10 damage. Therefore, this phase of Dark Mind is defeated with 25 shots.

Even after the boss is defeated, Kirby may continue fighting him while the credits roll, though it is not possible to lose the battle any more at that point. A score is kept for every hit Dark Mind takes, and after the credits, an extra 30 points are earned.


In addition to the main game, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror features the following Sub-Games:

  • Speed Eaters - Kirbys are tasked with eating the food when it appears before the others do.
  • Crackity Hack - A test of timing where Kirbys smash rocks similar to Megaton Punch.
  • Kirby Wave Ride - A race where Kirbys surf along waves on Warp Stars to reach the goal first.
  • Boss Endurance - A challenge run through all of the bosses in the game (unlocked once the game is 100% complete).


The following is a list of staff who have worked on Kirby & The Amazing Mirror:

Staff of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Position Developer(s)
Director Tomoaki Fukui
Special Advisor Masahiro Sakurai
Planning Tomoaki Fukui
Shigeki Morihira
Takashi Hamamura
Toyohisa Tanabe
Taiki Ubukata

Takayuki Sakamoto
Programming Katsuya Koramoto
Takaya Yamane
Shinichi Manabe
Yamato Sobue
Masato Shimizu
Shinichi Shibusawa
Design Abeno Matsuzaki

Satoshi Yoshioka
Sadaki Matsumoto
Kaori Aoyama
Shinji Ohara
Tomomi Asano
Ikkei Tanabe
Ayumi Tsuzaki
Toshiya Takagi
Sound Hironobu Inagaki
Atsuyoshi Isemura
Technical Advisor Teruyuki Gunji
Debug Ryuki Kuraoka

Shutaro Kobayashi
Shoji Araki
Shigeyoshi Kuwamura
Hiroyo Imai
Takeshi Sasaki

Pole to Win

HAL Debug Team

NOA Product Testing

Super Mario Club
Coordinator Norihiko Kawabata

Hiroaki Suga
Masaru Kobayashi

Mari Shirakawa
Artwork Tetsuya Notoya
Kazuya Konishi
Atsuko Nakamura
Akiko Hayashi
Kaori Nishimura
North American Localization Rich Amtower
Bill Trinen
(Nintendo of America)
Localization Management Jeff Miller
Leslie Swan
(Nintendo of America)
European Localization Noriko Netley
Michaël Hugot
Thomas Aldenhövel
Francesca di Marco
Jesús Espí Tinoco
(Nintendo of Europe)

Bill Trinen
(Nintendo of America)
Special Thanks Yoshifumi Yamashita
Shiho Tsutsuji
Erina Makino
Tomoko Fukumoto

Hiroyuki Kawano
Seigo Ito
Yugihiro Deguchi

Satoshi Ishida
Chieko Obikane
Hisatoshi Takuchi
GBA Team

Hironobu Kakui
Masahiro Takeguchi

Mike Fukuda
Tatsumi Kimishima
(Nintendo of America)

Hitomi Naitoh
NOE Product Testing
(Nintendo of Europe)
Producer Yasushi Adachi

Masayoshi Tanimura

Shigeru Miyamoto
Kenji Miki
Executive Producer Satoru Iwata
All rights, including the copyrights of Game, Scenario, Music and Program, reserved by HAL Laboratory, Inc., and Nintendo.
©2004 HAL Laboratory, Inc. / Nintendo
Developed by Flagship

References to other games[edit]

References in later games[edit]


  • Several enemies introduced in this game would go on to become series regulars; namely Chip, Foley, and Soarar.
  • The Smash Copy Ability, which grants Kirby a condensed version of his Super Smash Bros. series move-set, was first introduced in this game.
  • Dark Meta Knight would eventually become playable in Kirby Star Allies after being re-introduced to the series in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. He has been referenced in several other subsequent titles as well.
  • This was the first game to depict Kirby and Meta Knight as unambiguous allies, a relationship that would become standard for most of the rest of the series.


  • The term "amazing" could be a pun on "maze", as it is shown that the entire Mirror World is one maze that Kirby needs to guide himself through to find the Mirror Shards to rebuild the Dimension Mirror.
  • This is the first game in the series to not feature King Dedede.
  • This is also the first game in the series where Kirby's objective is to save Meta Knight.
  • In the file select screen, about every half to one minute, night will fall in the background, and later it will dawn again.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィ かがみ大迷宮だいめいきゅう
Hoshi no Kābii Kagami no Daimeikyū
Kirby of the Stars: The Great Labyrinth of Mirrors
French Kirby et le Labyrinthe des Miroirs Kirby and the Labyrinth of Mirrors
German Kirby & die wundersame Spiegelwelt Kirby & the wonderful Mirror world
Italian Kirby e il Labirinto degli Specchi Kirby and the Labyrinth of Mirrors
Korean 별의 커비 거울의 대미궁
byeol-ui keobi geoul-ui daemigung
Kirby of the Stars: The Great Labyrinth of Mirrors
Spanish Kirby y el Laberinto de los Espejos Kirby and the Labyrinth of the Mirrors

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  1. "In this strange and beautiful land, mirrors have the power to make any wishes reflected in them come true."Kirby & The Amazing Mirror manual (page 6)