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Kirby's Quick Draw

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This article is about the Play Nintendo activity made to promote Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. For the Sub-Game from Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, see Quick Draw.

Kirby's Quick Draw is an activity on the Play Nintendo website. It is a connect the dots game featuring characters from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, released in 2015. The game is also playable on the official website for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.


The game is a basic connect the dots game where the player drags their cursor across numbered dots in order, to connect them with lines. Each line's color changes when it reaches each dot, making it resemble Elline's Rainbow Rope. The player connects the dots to trace the outline of a character, who has some of their features visible during this process. When all dots are connected, the character is fully revealed, with a short description of them.

After a tutorial of tracing the rectangular Grindarr, the game has 10 characters to trace. A timer is displayed at the top of the screen, counting how long the player has taken to trace each character. After a character is finished, the timer does not start counting up again until the player begins tracing the next one.

When the player finishes tracing all the characters, the total amount of time they took is shown. The player is then able to post about their time on Facebook, or replay the game.


Number Character Dots Description
Tutorial Grindarr 4 You got it! You're ready to play.
1 Kirby 10 Hi, Kirby!
2 Kirby Rocket 13 Blast off with Kirby Rocket
3 Bzztbulb 15 Don't get zapped! It's Bzztbulb
4 Grab Hand 19 Don't get picked up! It's Grab Hand
5 Whispy Woods 24 That's one angry tree. It's Whispy Woods
6 Waddle Dee 31 It's Kirby's good friend, Waddle Dee
7 Dangle Sloth 21 Dang, it's a droopy, bomb-dropping Dangle Sloth
8 Dethskullk 24's a life-force draining Dethskullk
9 Sportle 34 This fellow will stick to you like glue. Meet Sportle!
10 The Claykken 35 Look out or you might get inked! It's Claykken


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