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Kirby's Blowout Blast - Level 1-1

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Level 1-1
KBBl Stage 1-1 1.png
Kirby discovers a line of bronze Score Coins leading the way forward in Level 1-1.
Host level Level 1
Time limit 5:00
Time bonus threshold 4:20
Silver score 10290
Gold score 14700
Platinum score 26700
Stage progression
First stage Level 1-2
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Level 1-1 is the first stage of Level 1 in Kirby's Blowout Blast.


Facing the enemy ambush at the end of the stage.

The stage begins with a straight and narrow path leading to the right past a few Score Coins. From here, Kirby runs into his first set of enemies which are directly in the way. From there, the first significant dip into the third dimension occurs when Chip comes bounding in from a platform behind the main walkway. A Star Block is present on the path which can be used to clear this enemy out. After hopping over a very short gap, another set of enemies are encountered on the path. Then, hopping up small steps, some coins can be seen leading up a small cliff behind the main path. From here, the path widens into a ring of coins around a tree. Then it moves down slightly to an area where Kirby can fire a Star Bullet at a Waddle Dee on a bit of land jutting out to the back. A bigger Star Block can then be inhaled to clear out some Bronto Burts in the way.

The path ends with a wider area that locks Kirby in once he enters. Here, he needs to deal with the first enemy ambush of the game. Once all the enemies here are cleared out, the stage ends.


The following enemies can be found in Level 1-1:



The following are tips for how to obtain a Platinum trophy on this stage:

  • The Speed Clear threshold is rather tight on this stage, sitting at 4:20 or higher on the clock, so Kirby needs to move quickly here.
  • During the enemy ambush at the end, the best way to rack up points is to swallow the three Chips that appear together, then move to the left or right as the line of Waddle Dees come down to hit them laterally.

Level 1-1EX[edit]

Level 1-1EX
KBBl Stage 1-1 EX 2.png
Two bigger Waddle Dees walk in circles around a tree in Level 1-1EX.
Host level Level 1EX
Time limit 2:00
Time bonus threshold 0:55
Silver score 27930
Gold score 39900
Platinum score 54000
Stage progression
Level 5-5 Level 1-2EX
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Level 1-1EX is the first stage of Level 1EX. It has the same layout as Level 1-1, but features a different array of enemies and score coin positions. The main differences in layout are as follows:

  • Score Coins are placed in clusters in the air above the walkway.
  • There are more Waddle Dees on the path, which are colored magenta.
  • Chips are larger.
  • Scarfies are added, sometimes seen flying off the main path.
  • Gordos are added in places as hazards.
  • An extra enemy ambush takes place just before the small cliff area.
  • Another extra enemy ambush takes place around the tree past the small cliff.
  • The Waddle Dee standing far in the back is replaced with a Key Dee guarded by a Gordo.
  • The ambush at the end features a different array of enemies.


The following enemies can be found in Level 1-1EX:



The following are tips for how to obtain a Platinum trophy on this stage:

  • The window for the Speed Clear bonus is greater than in the main game version, but this is offset by the greater number of enemies and ambushes that need to be dealt with.
  • There are lots of places where enemies (particularly Waddle Dees) can be lured to be inhaled all at once and then used to create bigger combo scores. Scoring some large combos is necessary to get to Platinum on this stage.


  • The Speed Clear for 1-1 in the main game is designed so that, by taking the intended best route by the developers, the clear time will be 4:27 remaining.[1] This is a reference to the original Japanese release date for Kirby's Dream Land: April 27th, 1992.