King Dedede (anime)

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This article is about King Dedede as he appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. For King Dedede as he appears in the games, see King Dedede.

King Dedede
Official art of King Dedede from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Debut Episode Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
Main Role Supporting character and secondary villain
Other Appearance(s) his video game counterpart
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King Dedede appears as one of the main antagonists in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Just as in the games, he retains his title as King of Dream Land.


King Dedede is different in the anime compared to how he acts in the games. King Dedede is more of a tyrant in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, and his goal is to get rid of Kirby. This transforms King Dedede into a more antagonistic character. To fulfill his goal, King Dedede often orders monsters from NightMare Enterprises. However, these monsters often fail in their mission, though a rare few succeed. King Dedede is even seen rejoicing in Abusement Park when Kirby sings on top of the NightMare Enterprises Teleporter and is teleported to the NightMare Enterprises in the middle of his performance. ("I've gotten rid of Kirby at last!") However, King Dedede DOES have some care for Kirby, as seen in D'Preciation Day where he believes he killed Kirby.

Physical Appearance[edit]

King Dedede appears mainly the same as he does in the games, with a blue body, yellow feet, defined arms, and a beak, with a red robe, hat topped with a puffball, and sash across his waist. He does not wear the yellow kimono that King Dedede from the game series wears in later installments. King Dedede is also not typically seen with his hammer, though he can pull it out whenever he gets sufficiently angry. As expected in a cartoon series, King Dedede is quite expressive, though this usually manifests in outrage or in gloating.


  • "I've gotten rid of Kirby at last!" - when he and Escargoon teleport Mike Kirby to NightMare Enterprises in Abusement Park
  • "It's ear-shattering!" (Escargoon: This is Karaoke Hell!") - when he and Escargoon listen to a version of Kihon wa Maru that Kirby is (suboptimally) singing on his Microphone.
  • "What happened?" - after he and Escargoon are mixed up by Slice n' Splice in The Fofa Factor
  • "There's something about that girl that looks familiar!" - when he watches the anime that the Otakings made in Tooned Out
  • (Escargoon: "Ah, you mean that frog...") "...sunk right on into Kirby!?" - when he and Escargoon find out that the Devil Frog is forcing Kirby to smash Cappy Town in Frog Wild
  • "You puny peewees had better be scared because I'm the biggest, baddest dude on the whole planet!"
  • When he and the NightMare Enterprises N.M.E. Sales Guy discuss about how Devil Kirby is attacking Cappy Town in Frog Wild:
    • King Dedede: "Customer Service! Get out here!"
    • Sales Guy: "If it isn't my good friend, his Majesty! Your mood seems..."
    • King Dedede: "Tell me who's the baddest guy in Dream Land!"
    • Sales Guy: "Is that a trick question?"
    • King Dedede: "You're supposed to say it's me!"
    • Sales Guy: "I'd agree with that."
    • King Dedede: "Those Cappies think it's Kirby!"
    • Sales Guy: "No! How come!?"
    • King Dedede: "He's smashing up Cappy Town!"
    • Sales Guy: "But Kirby's a good guy."
    • Escargoon: "He's tearing through this kingdom on a debris spree!"
    • Sales Guy: (Laughs) "I'm betting it's that Devil Frog!"
    • King Dedede: "Devil Frog?"
    • Sales Guy: "Don't you recall that monster you ordered a couple months back?"