Invincible Candy

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Item InfoBox
Candy KAR.png
Sprite of Invincible Candy from Kirby Air Ride.
Use Temporary invulnerability
Game(s) All main series games
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The Invincible Candy is a special item found in most games of the Kirby series. It is a rare item that resembles a glowing lollipop with a star.

An Invincible Candy makes Kirby or his helper temporarily invincible when eaten, enabling them to harm enemies and bosses without taking damage, as well as moving through hazards like spikes unharmed. However, the invincibility wears off after a few seconds, and it does not protect Kirby from falling into a bottomless pit. In some games, the Invincible Candy speeds up its user. In Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, its effect can be shared with Kirby's helper for a short time after it is eaten. While Kirby is under the effects of an Invincible Candy, a special musical theme plays, which can be heard in every game that includes the Candy.

While the Invincible Candy is a lollipop, it is not technically Food, as it does not recover any Stamina.