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This article is about friendly versions of enemies that Kirby can summon or recruit. For information about the animal helpers debuting in Kirby's Dream Land 2, see Animal Friend. For other helpful characters, see Category:Allies.

Helpers (also called Allies) are enemy-based creatures that fight by Kirby's side in Kirby Super Star (Ultra) and Kirby: Star Allies.

Game Appearances

Kirby Super Star/Kirby Super Star Ultra

When Kirby possesses a Copy Ability, he may create a helper, but loses the ability in the process. However, in want of a Copy Ability, Kirby can use the Suppin Beam to transform the helper into an item yielding the ability that was used in its creation, allowing Kirby to regain it. If Kirby attempts to call forth a Helper when there is already one in existence, he instead tosses his ability away in item form, allowing the current Helper to transform into a new one when it touches the item.

Helpers follow Kirby around and attack any enemies which they encounter. They are usually able to use the same attacks as Kirby can when he possesses their ability, and are capable of jumping in midair or teleporting in order to keep up with him. Although usually controlled by an AI, Helpers can alternatively be controlled by a second player.

Kirby's current Helper possesses its own, separate health bar. The health bar can be refilled by having the Helper pick up food or touching it shortly after Kirby himself does so. When a Helper's health runs out, it flashes and begins to explode. During this period, touching any enemy that yields an ability transforms the Helper into a new one that possesses the respective Copy Ability, instantly restoring all its health and keeping it from exploding. Alternatively, tossing a different Copy Ability at a Helper to transform it also heals it completely.

Like Copy Abilities, Helpers can be stolen by a Tac, but are regained upon its defeat.

A Waddle Dee and Bronto Burt helper appear in the intro for Milky Way Wishes, but they are not playable.

List of Helpers

Name Appearance Copy Ability
Kirby Super Star Kirby Super Star Ultra
Bio Spark SpriteBiosparkKSS.png SpriteBiospark.png Ninja
Birdon SpriteBirdonKSS.png SpriteBirdon.png Wing
Blade Knight SpriteBladeKnightKSS.png SpriteBladeKnight.png Sword
Bonkers SpriteBonkersKSS.png SpriteBonkers.png Hammer
Bugzzy SpriteBugzzyKSS.png SpriteBugzzy.png Suplex
Burning Leo SpriteBurningLeoKSS.png SpriteBurningLeo.png Fire
Capsule J /
Capsule J2
SpriteCapsuleJ.png SpriteCapsuleJ2.png Jet
Chilly SpriteChillyKSS.png SpriteChilly.png Ice
Gim SpriteGimKSS.png SpriteGim.png Yo-yo
Knuckle Joe SpriteKnuckleJoeKSS.png SpriteKnuckleJoe.png Fighter
Parasol W. Dee SpriteParasolWDeeKSS.png SpriteParasolWDee.png Parasol
Plasma Wisp SpritePlasmaWispKSS.png SpritePlasmaWhisp.png Plasma
Poppy Bros. Jr. PoppyBrosJrKSS.png SpritePoppyBrosJr.png Bomb
Rocky SpriteRockyKSS.png SpriteRocky.png Stone
Simirror SpriteSimirrorKSS.png SpriteSimirror.png Mirror
Sir Kibble SpriteSirKibbleKSS.png SpriteSirKibble.png Cutter
Tac SpriteTacKSS.png SpriteTac.png Copy
Waddle Doo SpriteWdDooKSS.png SpriteWDoo.png Beam
Wheelie SpriteWheelieKSS.png SpriteWheelie.png Wheel

Kirby: Star Allies

Helpers are set to return in this upcoming installment. Unlike in Kirby Super Star, they are recruited directly from the stage by tossing hearts at them, and up to three can be recruited at any one time. In addition, they can be combined with Kirby's current ability to create an ability fusion, and can be controlled by up to 3 extra players.

The following enemies are confirmed to also become helpers:

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Helfer[1] Helper


  1. "Benutze eine von Kirbys vielen Fähigkeiten, um Dir einen Helfer zu schaffen, der Dich dann tatkräftig unterstützt."Kirby's Fun Pak German box blurb