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WiKirby allows each of its users to upload a maximum of three (3) personal images. Unlike other images, these do not have to be related to subjects covered on the wiki, but may instead be used by any individual user as a way to express him or herself on the userpage.

Each personal image uploaded must be tagged with the Personal Image template. To do so, the following code is to be added to the image summary:

{{Personal Image|Username}}

, where "Username" is to be replaced with the name of the user the image belongs to (not including the "User:" prefix). Images that are not tagged with this template and deemed unusable outside of userpages will be deleted.

Please do not upload more than three (3) personal images. If your number of personal images exceeds the maximum, please tag as many of them for deletion (by inserting {{delete}}) as needed to reduce the number to three. Should you fail to do so within a week of uploading your first personal image to exceed the limit, the staff reserves the right to delete any excess images at random.