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Moving pages is essentially re-naming a page. It's necessary when the title of a page is incorrect or does not match WiKirby's naming standards.

How to Move a Page

  1. First, ensure that this move will be accepted by the community by placing the {{move}} template on the page in question, and then posting your reasoning on that page's talk page.
  2. If there are no objections, click this button, and you'll be taken to the move screen. Type in what the new title shall be, and the reason you're moving it. Make sure everything is in order, then hit "Move page".

Issues and Guidelines

  • There is an error that sometimes occurs if the page to which you're trying to move something already exists as a redirect - you won't be able to. This happens only sometimes. It's currently unknown what causes the error, but if you should come across it, let an administrator know, and he or she will get it sorted out for you.
  • Should you come across the above glitch, under no circumstances should you try to move the page manually through cut and paste. Doing this causes the history of the page to not be moved with the rest, creating inaccuracy and difficulty in keeping track of the history.