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Merging pages is a relatively simple task. The basic idea is to combine two or more pages (or elements of those pages) into one page, while retaining as much information as possible. This must be done manually.

How to Merge

  1. First, you need to find out if your proposed idea will be accepted by the community. Use the {{merge}} template on every page / section you want to merge, and leave a message on at least one of the pages' talk page explaining why you want to merge the pages. The target page is always the most ideal page to leave a discussion.
  2. If there are no real objections, determine which page will be the mother page (the page that the information gets merged to). Copy over all of the information to its appropriate location, editing as necessary (for instance, if Page A mentions X, and Page B mentions X, then you'll need to remove one of the mentions for the merge, or you'll end up with a redundant page).
  3. Remove the copied section from its original source, and replace it with a link to the new location if applicable. If merging an entire page, have the page redirect to where it needs to go.


  • Always allow ample time for discussion before making the changes.
  • Merging the stray talk pages will help maintain a cleaner wiki and show the fullness of topic discussions.