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The are several user access levels on WiKirby. User rights changes are decided by the current staff of WiKirby. This page explains what the staff looks for in members to gain these rights.

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Autoconfirmed Users

Autoconfirmed Users are able to edit semi-protected pages and move pages. A newly registered user automatically becomes autoconfirmed after having made 5 edits and having been a member for at least 1 day. Once a user becomes Autoconfirmed, they will gain access to partially restricted areas of WiKirby.

Autopatrol Users

Autopatrol Users are users that are reliable editors that rarely make mistakes in their edits, and are quick to fix the errors that they do make. Therefore their edits are automatically marked as patrolled in Recent Changes.


Patrollers are users that have been proven to be reliable and dedicated to making sure other edits are of quality. These users are given certain rights to make this task a bit easier. Including the ability to mark edits as patrolled and the ability to rollback multiple edits made by one user. A patroller's user name is displayed in purple.


Administrators are highly trusted members of WiKirby. These members have proven that they are dedicated to improving the wiki, making sure other edits are of quality, and have been upstanding role models for the rest of wiki. In addition to patrolling rights, administrators are given the rights to delete pages, ban users, and edit protected pages. Administrators are indicated by a pink user name, as well as a star in the upper right corner of their user pages.