Grass Land (Patch Land)

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Kirby's Epic Yarn Land InfoBox
Grass Land Map.jpg
A wide view of the completed Grass Land area.
Stages -Fountain Gardens
-Flower Fields
-Rainbow Falls
-Big-Bean Vine
-Fangora (boss)
-Mole Hole (EX)
-Weird Woods (EX)
Boss Fangora
Previous Land Quilty Square
Next Land Hot Land
Theme Music

Grass Land Soundtrack

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Grass Land is the second of eight levels in Kirby's Epic Yarn. Quilty Square is accessed to the left, while Hot Land is accessible to the right. Kirby can first go here when he rescues Prince Fluff for the second time. The area has natural theme, as demonstrated by its Area Patches. The boss of this level is Fangora.


Area Patches

  • Butterfly Patch
  • Alarm Clock Patch
  • Bean Patch
  • Watering Can Patch
  • Mole Patch
  • Firecracker Patch

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Grasland Grass Land

Regions in Patch Land
Quilty SquareSpace LandGrass LandHot LandTreat LandWater LandSnow LandKEYQuiltMap.png
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