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gooeys goorific game

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gooeys goorific game
Gooey's Goorific Game Logo.png
my games cool logo!!!!!
Developer(s) me (gooey)
Publisher(s) me (gooey)
Designer(s) me (gooey)
Release date(s) today
Platform(s) i think its called a lantern switch or something
Rating(s) five stars!!!!!
Game chronology
← none (this is my first game) gooeys goorific game 2 (coming soon!!!!!) →
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KSA Gooey icon.png hi im gooey and i made my own game its called gooeys goorific game!!!!! im the main character and the game is about my daily life in dream land with my friend kirby and all my animal friends!!!!! it released today on april first for this game system thing that i forgot the name of!!!!! i think it had something to do with switches or something..... this is the first of three games that im planning to make now that i know how to make a game!!!!! gooeys goorific game 2 will be coming very soon i promise!!!!!


kirby is missing!!!!!

one day i woke up and i decided to go visit my friend kirby but he wasnt home so i decided to go find him since i wanted to play with him and i didnt want to find something else to do..... so then i went off on my adventure to find kirby and found my good pal rick who said that he would help me out so we went over to the forest to see if he was there but he wasnt there but we did find coo there who also said he would help so we went off to the beach but he wasnt there either but kine was there so he joined us too!!!!! so then we kept going to different places but we still couldnt find him but i did find my other friends nago chuchu and pitch which was very cool because it meant that all my animal friends were back together again!!!!! but there was still no kirby so we werent sure where to go next..... one time we thought we found him but it was actually keeby instead!!!!! eventually we just decided to go back to kirbys house and we found out that he was home the whole time and that he was just out fishing when i tried seeing him earlier..... so then we decided to go find some food to eat because we were all really hungry and the rest will be a surprise because i dont want to write the rest my tongue is starting to hurt from writing so many words!!!!!


picture of my game!!!!!

in my game i can run and jump around just like kirby does but with my own twist!!!!! in this game i can run at super speeds by holding down the r button which i think stands for run and thats why i made it do that and i thought itd be cool!!!!! i can also turn into my mock matter form to fly around i dont know why i can do that or how it works but its very cool and good!!!!! theres also enemies around the map that want to hurt me and give me ouchies and that isnt a good thing..... so i made it so i can attack with my tongue and eat all the bad guys!!!!! i can also shoot lasers with my mock matter form which gives me a way to deal with things that are far away from me which is very nice!!!!! but yeah thats what i can do but i can also use my animal friends to help me as i find them and they can do a lot of cool things to help me but i dont remember how all of them work so figure it out!!!!!

oh yeah and theres also 2 player multiplayer!!!!! player 2 gets to play as my other friend who i dont know the name of so i just call her girl blob!!!!! she plays the same as i do because otherwise player 2 would have it way too easy and i dont want anyone to have an easier time playing my game!!!!! but there is a special thing we can do together where we can eat each other and spit each other out!!!!! its pretty fun i think!!!!!


i dont know how to make those table things that other pages have so ill just write it out.....

to move press those buttons with the arrows on them!!!!!

to jump press that button with the a on it!!!!!

press it again to fly around!!!!!

to run really fast press the r button like i said before!!!!!

to use my tongue or shoot lasers press the b button!!!!!

i still dont remember how i made the animal friends work so just trust me that they do something!!!!!

and thats it!!!!!

playable characters

KRtDLD Gooey Mask Icon.png me (gooey)!!!!!

KDL2 Girl Blob sprite.png girl blob (i still dont know her name)!!!!!


theres a lot of levels in my game i think i made at least like 100 or something!!!!! i dont know for sure because i cant count!!!!! but theres.....

a grassy level!!!!!

a forest level!!!!!

a beach level!!!!!

some other levels i dont know i forgot already!!!!!

and so many more levels!!!!!


i think i put bosses in my game but i forgot most of them..... but i know theyre there!!!!!

theres whispy woods acro and thats all i remember but there are more i promise!!!!!


me (gooey)


thats everyone who worked on it!!!!!


the fish i ate while making this page
  • this is my first game!!!!!
  • kirby drew all the art in this game!!!!! thanks kirby!!!!!
  • king dedede said my game was very interesting!!!!! i think he meant that in a good way!!!!!
  • i made this game in a few months!!!!! it was very hard work!!!!!
  • all of the music in this game was made using this cool synth i found!!!!! i think it sounds very good!!!!!
  • bandana waddle dee helped me write this wiki page!!!!!
  • i just ate a fish while making this page!!!!!
  • i once tried eating one of those things thatre usually stuck in the ground in dream land and it tasted yummy!!!!!
  • there was this weird waddle dee that i saw once that was hanging from a rope..... something looked off about it but i couldnt tell what.....
  • i like making trivia points theyre fun!!!!!
  • this is the end of the page because i dont know what else to put here.....
  • but heres one last trivia point because im bored!!!!!