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Fun Castle

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Fun Castle
Various arrangements of "Fun Castle".
Debut appearance Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Composer(s) Shogo Sakai
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Fun Castle is a stage theme from the game Kirby Mass Attack. This theme can only be heard in Dedede Resort - Stage 10 and hasn't been brought back in any other Kirby game so far.


"Fun Castle" is a jolly, rather unserious-sounding theme in the key of G major. It is composed in the vein of a polka; it features a bouncy beat in 2/4 time that is played with brass instruments and bass. The theme starts with a melody played by a flute-like instrument playing the melody that goes up and down with a piano playing four descending notes afterwards. The flute then plays a trill twice and then goes down a broken chord. This melody is repeated a second time but is an octave higher and has a harmony added to it. The theme then moves to the second portion of the theme, which is somewhat louder and has a different ending. The theme changes instruments and then does a "call and response" portion played with many accidental notes. The "call" is played by some brass-like instruments, while the response is played with softer woodwinds. This portion is repeated once again, but has a differing ending (which even goes into D major briefly). When this portion concludes, the theme has 4 measures of percussion and then loops.

Other appearances[edit]

This theme and Meadow Breeze appear in a medley in the Kirby Memorial Arrangements, named Happy Castle in the Grasslands. It was arranged by Hirokazu Ando.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たのしいおしろ
tanoshī oshiro
Fun Castle
Canadian French Château amusant Fun castle
European French Le château rigolo The funny castle
German Spaßschloss Fun castle
Italian Castello dei divertimenti Entertainment castle
Korean 재미난 성
jaeminan seong
Fun Castle
Spanish Castillo divertido Fun castle