Flowered Queen Sectonia

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Flowered Queen Sectonia
Flowered Sectonia.jpg
Flowered Queen Sectonia, as she appears at the beginning of her primary boss fight.
First game Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Weakness(es) Hypernova
Relative(s) Queen Sectonia
Soul of Sectonia
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Flowered Queen Sectonia[conjectural title] (still referred to as just Queen Sectonia in-game) is the Final Boss in the Story Mode of Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and appears as the Final Boss of The Arena in that game as well. This monstrosity is the result of Queen Sectonia using her magic to merge with the Dreamstalk as a last resort to destroy Kirby and take over everything she can see, including Floralia and Dream Land.

Boss Battle

This final battle has three phases in the Story Mode, though only the second phase (the first battle) is fought in The Arena.

Sectonia Vine

After merging with the Dreamstalk, Queen Sectonia summoned a lot of vines to impede Kirby's progress, and this form of the queen is called Sectonia Vine in-game. King Dedede and the People of the Sky appear to help Kirby break through the barrier of vines. They do this by bringing in a cannon, and using Kirby as the cannonball. the player controls King Dedede with the Nintendo 3DS gyroscope to aim the cannon and fire Kirby at the vines' weak points. Otherwise, Kirby will ricochet off the vines and take damage. After clearing the vines away, Kirby is then fired directly into the next phase.

This phase is in Story Mode only and does not appear in The Arena.

First Battle

The beginning of the first battle, after Kirby gets the Hypernova ability.

The primary body of Flowered Queen Sectonia is revealed in the background as Kirby must make his way toward her. During this phase, Kirby has to hit the eye stalks to deal damage. The flowered queen's attacks include:

  • The eye stalks fire laser beams;
  • The eye stalks fire barrages of seeds;
  • The eye stalks transform into swords and swing at Kirby;
  • The eye stalks transform into spiky balls and try to tackle Kirby;
  • The eye stalks surround themselves with electricity and try to squeeze Kirby;
  • The queen summons several vines to stab Kirby;
  • The queen fires huge laser beams together with the eye stalks;
  • The queen launches the spiky ball transformation eye stalks that bounce off the platforms.

In The Arena, this is the only phase to fight and defeating the flowered queen will complete the boss endurance.

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In The True Arena, this is replaced by Soul of Sectonia, the DX version of Flowered Queen Sectonia, using even stronger attacks in different patterns.

Second Battle

The final Hypernova inhaling sequence, which requires the player to mash the D-pad.

After the first battle, the queen is not defeated yet and takes a vine and grabs Kirby, in an attempt to finish him by constriction. At this moment, King Dedede and Taranza come to save Kirby. They do this by first releasing him from the bind, then feeding him a Miracle Fruit to activate Hypernova.

The last part of the final battle takes place with Kirby using Hypernova to deflect the queen's last line of defense. All projectiles from the queen can be inhaled and spit back at the eye stalks. At the very end of the fight, Kirby inhales a power beam fired from the Queen's primary stalk, her leaves, and even her depleted health bar. Then, Kirby spits them back to vaporize her.

This phase is in Story Mode only and does not appear in The Arena.

Main article: Soul of Sectonia

In The True Arena, however, Soul of Sectonia is not defeated yet after the first battle. The queen will spurt out from the Dreamstalk with only her upper body left, and will challenge Kirby the true final battle of the game.


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Two tracks are used for the final battle with Flowered Queen Sectonia:

  • "Fatal Blooms in Moonlight" plays during the first battle.
  • "The World to Win" plays during the second battle.


  • Much like in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, the first letters of each level name spell out a hint to the nature of this boss. When collected, the letters spell out 'FLOWERED', which is where this boss gets her WiKirby conjectural name from.