Fire (Top Ride Course)

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Fire Top Ride.png

The Fire Top Course is a Top Ride course in Kirby Air Ride. It is situated within a volcano, similar to Magma Flows and Destruction Derby map number two. The turnout is separated by lava and mini-volcanoes. The players can bump into the volcanoes, activating them. When the volcanoes spew, little chunks of rock can fall and make the player spin if they hit. Sometimes, these volcanoes go out of control and fill the course with lava. The finish line is at the bottom of the course, with the accelerator arrows right afterward. There is also the lava that can slow and burn the player. There are also fire vents on the walls and on the floor. Usually, these vents spew smoke, which can push or give players a lift to cut the course. Sometimes, they spew fire that can slow the players.

With the hazards turned off, the lava is absent and the volcanoes spew nothing. The walls and ground also shoot nothing.

The default amount of laps required to finish is 6.