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Fighter Combat Chamber

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Fighter Combat Chamber
KDCSE New Challenge Stages Fighter Combat Chamber screenshot.png
Kirby Smash Punches a large Shelt in the Fighter Combat Chamber.
Abilit(y/ies) Fighter
Host level Apricot Atrium
Time limit 3:00
Silver score 15640
Gold score 22550
Platinum score 27450
Stage progression
Whip Challenge Wing Challenge
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Test your skills as a Fighter and punch your way to victory!
— Fighter Combat Chamber Caption

Fighter Combat Chamber is the second stage of Apricot Atrium in New Challenge Stages. It tests Kirby's proficiency with the Fighter Copy Ability in a series of chambers, where the goal is to defeat all the enemies and collect all the coins as quickly as possible. The window of time to earn a Platinum Medal is 0:58 or higher.

Completing this stage is necessary to unlock the second Magolor Race.


The stage consists of one long chamber, though it is divided into segments that must be unlocked in sequence. It begins with a fight against six Knuckle Joes who can spawn up to four at a time in a small room with a thin floor deck stretching across it. Once these are defeated, Kirby can progress to the right and up some thin floors until he reaches a wide flat hallway where the next ambush begins. Here, Kirby has to deal with several sets of enemies in lines before they wander off the frame. This done, Kirby can venture further right then down into a larger room. This third fight pits him against several Bowbys and Shelts that spawn in. Further right, the walls box Kirby in to a small area where he has to battle five Lanzers.

At this point, Kirby can pick up some Food on the path ahead if he needs it. The next battle takes place in a room with two thin floor decks, where Bouncies and Bouncy Sis appear and bounce up them. The path after this fight requires Kirby to pass through three Bomb Block barriers then kick through some stone blocks to reach a room below where several Sodorys appear to attack him. Once these are defeated, Kirby then has to battle the Mid-Boss Bonkers, without the ability to see his remaining health. When Bonkers is defeated, the floor opens up, allowing Kirby access to the stage exit. However, one more enemy ambush spawns here should Kirby choose to fight it, consisting mainly of Kabu and Flamers. When these are defeated, one last line of coins will appear, and Kirby can exit the stage.


Regular Enemies Mid-Boss


There are a few things to keep in mind when aiming for Platinum on this stage, though it should be noted that the strategies listed here are by no means the only ones that will do the job:

  • Force Blast, Smash Punch, and Double Kick are all useful techniques for dealing with lines of enemies. Instant Mega Force Blast in particular is exceptional for this task on grounded foes.
  • Using Foe Grab and then Arm Throw or Judo Throw is useful in situations where sets of enemies are positioned in an arc. The first room, especially, is perfectly set up for using Judo Throw.
  • Sky Kick is useful for traveling downward very quickly.
  • Bigger enemies have more health than smaller ones, so more powerful attacks will be needed to take them out quickly.
  • Spin Kick can cover a lot of ground, and allow Kirby to pass through foes without taking damage.
  • Rising Break can be used to sweep upward, catching enemies both in front of and above Kirby while effectively jumping.
  • Many more enemies spawn around the stage exit, so Kirby should take care not to accidentally enter the door while fighting them.
  • Enemies that drop into an abyss or wander off stage are not counted as defeated. All of them need to be pummeled.
  • There are food items in the stage that can be used to recover health, but an ideal run will result in Kirby not taking damage at any point, so these food items should be ignored.
  • There is just enough time while Bonkers is spawning in for Kirby to charge up a Giga Force Blast, thus getting a head start in damage.
  • There are two Gold Waddle Dees that appear among the enemies in this stage. These are particularly valuable, worth 1000 points each, and will disappear quickly if they are not defeated.


  • "In Combat Chambers, foes attack you everywhere you go."
  • "Defeat them all and reach the goal before time runs out."
  • "Food items restore your health, but grabbing them will cost you time."

Pro Tips[edit]

  • "You won't get a perfect score if foes escape. Don't let them get away!"
  • "You'll get lots of points if you find and defeat a golden Waddle Dee."
  • "Mega Force Blast is very effective against foes who are lined up."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイターチャレンジ
Faitā Charenji
Fighter Challenge

Video walkthrough[edit]

Platinum Rank run of the Fighter Combat Chamber.