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Fetching Fruit

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Fetching Fruit
Various arrangements of "Fetching Fruit".
Debut appearance Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Last appearance Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (2015)
Composer(s) Shogo Sakai
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"Fetching Fruit" is a theme from Kirby Mass Attack associated with stage minigames. It was composed by Shogo Sakai.


The Kirbys fetch medals and fruit.

"Fetching Fruit" is a lively theme in C major and 4/4. It starts with a double intro, consisting of a wave-like arpeggiated synth intro similar to those of "Unrivaled Size", followed by xylophone and bouncy, march-like rhythm in the tonic. The brass melody's phrase follows a 3:1 proportion of tonic (second inversion) to dominant, and the same proportion vice versa. The structure and phrasing of this melody are coincidentally similar to "Fountain Gardens". The xylophone plays between the phrases, and is replaced by cymbals at the end. A flute and the xylophone repeat the melody in higher registers. With a quick arpeggio and dominant suspense, the theme transitions to its A minor second section. The violin melody here has smoother motion and a rising tendency. However, its harmonic structure and xylophone phrases remain intact. It also repeats, here in unison with an added octave below. The track loops from the intro without any additional transitions.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby Mass Attack[edit]

In Kirby Mass Attack, "Fetching Fruit" plays in the minigames of Green Grounds - Stage 6, Dedede Resort - Stage 1, Dedede Resort - Stage 4 and Dedede Resort - Stage 10, all of Green Grounds - Stage 7, and the clouds section of Sandy Canyon - Stage 2 and Volcano Valley - Stage 8.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse[edit]

In Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, an arrangement of the theme titled "Fever Time!" plays in the current water section of Swept Out to Sea and the cannon section of Rainbow Across the Skies.

Names in other languages[edit]

Fetching Fruit[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フルーツをあつめよう!
furūtsu o atsumeyou!
Let's Gather the Fruit!
Canadian French La cueillette The picking
European French Cueillette des fruits Fruit picking
German Früchtesammeln Collecting fruits
Italian La frutta dà i suoi frutti The fruit bears fruit
Korean 과일을 모으자!
gwail-eul mo-euja!
Let's Gather the Fruit!
Spanish Buscafrutas Fruitseeker

Fever Time![edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フィーバーだ!
Canadian French En feu! On fire!
European French Frénésie Frenzy
German Fiebrige Zeiten! Feverish Times!
Italian L'ora febbrile Fever time
Spanish ¡Hora de la fiebre! Fever time!