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An Elevator from Planet Mekkai.

An Elevator is an object that can be found in various games in Kirby Super Star and its remake. It can take on a number of different looks, but its function is the same regardless. It is a box-like container that moves up or down based on command, taking its rider with it.

To use an elevator, Kirby just has to step inside. From there, the player has to press either up or down on the D-pad to make the elevator move in that direction, if it can. When an elevator is not in a serviceable position, it will attempt to move automatically to Kirby's location once he is near enough. Once moving, an elevator will stop automatically at whatever pre-determined floor it is operating adjacent to.

While an elevator is a moving object, it is incapable of crushing Kirby. If Kirby is occupying the area where an Elevator is coming in, and gets pushed into the floor or ceiling, Kirby will slip through into the elevator itself.